BORN FROM PAIN 15th Anniversary show announcement

BORN FROM PAIN will be celebrating their 15 year anniversary on Friday, the 15th of June, 2012.

GSR Music commented:

Being one of the biggest musical exports ever to be born out of the womb of the Oostelijke Mijnstreek region in Limburg – Holland, BORN FROM PAIN come to the city where it’s MOC scene and people were undoubtedly at the base of every later tour, album and other milestones in the band’s history. De Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen will be the hosts for the night.

We will be celebrating together with old and new friends like Backfire!, Diablo Blvd., ManLiftingBanner, Bloodtrial and Dead Man’s Curse.

BORN FROM PAIN will be celebrating their anniversary properly by making this night a true reunion of past and present members, thus making this a rare opportunity to see almost every line up from the past play songs of their era. There will be the original Reclaiming The Crown line up as well as later ones from the In Love With the End, War and Survival periods. Every member ever playing a significant role in the band will be performing to songs from the 15 years the band has been in existence. With Stefan, Karl, Che, Wouter, Servee, Marijn, Roel, Roy, Paul, Marcel, Andries, Lukas and Kevin returning to stage, joining Pete, Dom and Rob, every possible BORN FROM PAIN release will be touched upon.

Besides the fact that we are celebrating our anniversary, De Nieuwe Nor and BORN FROM PAIN will be supporting local causes. The area has always been one of the most economically and socially devoid regions of the country after the closing of the mines in the 70’s. De Nieuwe Nor will be offering a free dinner cooked by their chef to homeless youths in the Mijnstreek area. This will also include free entrance to the show for them. BORN FROM PAIN will be collecting canned and packed food for the local food banks around the area. Financial donations are also welcome.

The venue will be opening it’s doors at 6.30 with Dead Man’s Curse opening the show at 19h. BORN FROM PAIN will be starting their show at about 22.30h.

We will be having 2 exclusive shirt designs available for just this night celebrating our roots and the region we come from.

Also, when we are done celebrating in De Nieuwe Nor the party starts in (cult) Café Bluff at the official BORN FROM PAIN 15 year Anniversary after party with Demi Sec / Getske Boys! Entrance for

Make sure not to miss this. Tickets are cheap (11 euro) and still available pre-sale through


Photo by Face The Show.

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