BORN OF OSIRIS to begin recording a new album in March

BORN OF OSIRIS will enter the studio on March 22, 2013 with producer Nick Sampson to begin recording their next album for a summer release.

Guitarist Lee McKinney states:

We’re very excited to work with [Nick] in the studio. He’s a shredder and aside from that a great engineer/producer. 

We felt [Sturgis] was the best for the job since we have a lot of electronic elements in our music and he seems to be the master of all that these days. Not to mention he obviously has insanely tight production and mixing skills.

Regarding the sound of the new material, McKinney states:

I would say the direction of this album is along the lines of [2010’s] “The Discovery”, but definitely a lot heavier and a lot more focused when it comes to song structure. We’re trying to give each song a powerful, thematic feel. 

This next record takes all of the best aspects of “The Discovery” and develops the ideas even further. 

“We already have so much material that we plan on revising and refining over the next few months. While we do that, we will still continue to write more and in the end I think we’ll pick the strongest 10-12 songs so we can drop the best Born of Osiris record to date.

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