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Check out my recent interview with Hamilton-based raw hardcore punk pack called BORN WRONG! These Canadian punks have a new 7” out on Schizophrenic Records and were so kind to take some time with me, sharing their thoughts on touring, having this new cool record out, crossing the Canadian border, and tons of other stuff! Sniff it and read up!

BORN WRONG live cool

Hey, buddies! Thanks for taking some time with IDIOTEQ. What’s UP? You’ve just finished your US East Coast tour, right? How was it?

Incredible but way too short. We’re looking to head out again in a few months hopefully. If not I’ll be pissed.

I was so surprised by how well this tour went. I remember feeling guilty about how much fun I was having, almost as if I was doing something wrong.

Haha! Goood :) When was the last time you toured the States? How would you compare this tour to your previous American treks?

We did a tour last august that was a bit less extensive in the U.S. about a week in the states and then some dates in some parts of Canada that we had never been.  It seems to get easier each time we book them… this last tour we just had way more shows so it was a bit better.


What bands have you been sharing stages with? Any new friends made through this latest adventure?

Played two shows with one of my favorite bands right now ALTERED BOYS from New Jersey along with UGLY PARTS another NJ band. GROWER from Philly was incredible as well as CHEAP ART from Atlanta who we played a couple shows with as well. I was blown away by the line up in Cleveland as well… CRUELSTER, WET BRAIN, (members of 9 SHOCKS AND H-100S) and my personal favorite of the tour LUCHA ETERNA. Those guys are nuts.

We also played with FUTURE SHOCK and PINK REASON who were incredible. NERVOSAS is another band to check out for sure.

Last summer we got to play with some insane bands as well NEO CONS, ANCIENT FILTH, PUNCH among a bunch of others.

Wow. A bunch of names to check out, thanks!

How do you compare these places to both your local scene in Hamilton, Ontario and other places in Canada?

The US tours are always interesting, some places feel way more like home than others. Philadelphia had a certain Hamilton/Toronto vibe that we dug, with just a bit more danger than we’re used to.  A lot of cities felt completely different, whether it be the farming/mining industries or the high crime rate, all things we ‘re not totally used to.

Pittsburgh seemed to have that vibe as well….I like Hamilton way more than Pittsburgh because people will book us shows in Hamilton. Fuck Pittsburgh.

Its cool to know that Hamilton and Torontos punk scenes happen so naturally. There are always so many good bands coming out of both of those cities. Its nice to know were on par with huge cities in the States in that regard. 

Fuck Pittsburgh

Haha, ok let’s not this motif ;)

Have you ever encountered any problems at the border? There are tons of crazy stories about crossing the US/Canadian border. How come?

The border is a crazy place because they can do anything they want. It’s a scary place where you’re stripped of your human rights and subject to mind numbing tales of past concerts and musical preference. We don’t have any crazy stories because we always do the paperwork and have nothing to hide. It’s not worth it to get completely fucked at the border.

When we went over this past May, the computer systems shut down while we were having our information processed. We were forced to sit and wait for hours. It was pretty brutal in my opinion. 

We were stuck there for close to 4 hours when their computer system crashed. Although we weren’t officially being detained, we weren’t allowed to leave and were stuck in a room with a bunch of officers and Fox News on a tv on the wall. I hate that place.

BORN WRONG live bw

Fuck borders, man! :)

What do you enjoy the most about being on the road with the band?

Playing every day or every other day with dudes that have become my closest friends. 

Its cool to go to all these different cities and talk to so many different people who you feel like you already know. It’s a strange feeling knowing you can connect with these strangers almost more so than your friends back home.

My favorite part is not really knowing where the hell you are going next.  Something about that uncertainty is oddly relaxing.

At the end of your tour blog you stated “back to life / kill me” :) What reality did you find out back home? What do you guys do besides this band?

Haha, I work with two community organizations. I work with kids part time all year while in school and then in the summer I help run 2 community gardens as well as some kids programs. It’s actually great and I missed everyone. I just like touring way better.

I feel I had a hard time coming back home. Youre so used to having such stimulating and interesting experiences everyday on tour, and then you come home to such mundane pointlessness. I cant wait to be back out on tour.

Finishing a tour for me is a fucked up feeling. My days go from this mayhem of places and people back to the monotony of sleeping in the same place every night and commuting to and from work. I’m a video editor and photographer and in that sense im lucky. I get to be somewhat creative at work. But it doesn’t compare to traveling everyday with your closest friends.


Ok, let’s move to your new record. How are the reactions to the new 7’’ (Schizophrenic Records) so far?

People seem to dig it… which is great. Fuck’em if they don’t anyway.

Haha, ok let’s go back to touring :D

What about your national shows? What gigs have you played recently?

We constantly play in southern Ontario… we’ve been up to Quebec once and we are heading up there in August to play with NYC band SAD BOYS.

Do you get a lot of house shows in Canada? What are some of the reasons why every punk kid should participate in one? :)


Brandon had a punk house that he abandoned cuz hes getting old. Luckily our guitar player John moved into it.

32 is the new 26.

I feel house shows are more fun than venue shows for both the bands and the people attending. Its anything goes, but usually people are very respectful to one another and the space. When we were in the States a lot of the punk houses we played were safe spots in sketchy areas. Some were also positive influences in their neighbourhoods. Everyone works together solely for the love of bands or shows or whatever, its such a beautiful thing.

I have a ton of respect for the people that put on shows in their home. I know how exhausting it can be for the people that live there. Sometimes it’s the only place a band can get a gig and build a name for themselves if they have never toured or dont have blog hype. I would play a house show every night if we could.

Damn right! I remember watching MEN AS TREES, SINGLE STATE OF MAN and FURNACE at two different mind-blowing house shows here in Warsaw, it was pure magic! :)

BORN WRONG classic

Ok, going back to your discography, you’ll be recording again in the next few weeks and have some July/August dates to announce shortly. Can you pass along some details on these plans?

Looking to have another 7” out by October… no garauntees because of pressing deadlines and stuff.. well see how the recordings go. The summer looks pretty cool and spread out. Playing with COKE BUST and BURNING LOVE in Ontario in july as well as with an awesome new NYC band SAD BOYS in Montreal in August. We have a few other dates coming together around those weekends.

Nice. And no plans to go further and conquer European lands? :)

May or next summer is the plan for trying to get over to Europe… just trying to get a hold on how to do it haha. Would really love to come to Poland or anywhere really. We’ve been getting a great response from Scandinavian countries as well.

Very cool!

Ok, buddies. Let’s fill in the standard column for all the readers that are not familiar with you guys.

How did the band originally form and what inspired the name you came up with? What’s the background behind how the band started?

I was jamming with a few guys… CJ and I had been friends since early highschool… he joined… the original dudes didn’t want to really commit… we got three new fucks that we all knew somehow or another. Now were all best friends for the time being.  My Late Great Uncle Chris engraved “Born Wrong” on my brand new crib when I came back from the hospital.

:) You had some line-up switches in the beginning of 2013, right? Shoot me some details on the reasons behind it?

Chris (drums) and Jamieson (bass) quit before our first tour last year. We got Fong (bass) and Brandon (drums). I was on guitar/vocals. Fong quit and John joined. Fong begged on his hands and knees to be back in. John was a natural guitar player. So he went over to guitar.

Did you write this new 7’’ as a new pack?

Yeah, I mean CJ and I have written the riffs the entire time we’ve been a band… but its just different with Brandon in the mix and now John who can play guitar way better than I ever could.

Is there some jamming goin’ on in your practice room? :)

Bunch of new stuff that were getting ready to record. I guess its not really “new” considering we toured all these songs. No one who has seen us will be surprised by the type of songs we play.

What records have you released so far? Where can we get them?

10” Split with KLEIN96 from western Canada. New S/T 7”.  Put out a run of live tapes and another live tour tape.

BORN WRONG cover split

Do you have any other projects runnin’?

Pretty much all of us used to be in other projects, but its funny that now were pretty much all totally invested in this band.

How was the last year for you in developing this band? What were the highlights?

My top highlight last year was the tour. My highlight this year was the May 2013 tour.

I’ve really liked working with schizophrenic records … just straight shooters… made the whole 7” process so much easier.


You’ve been involved in some political activism. Tell me more about this part of your “work”.

I have a bunch of friends who are seriously involved with legitimate direct action groups. I try to be as involved as I can which isn’t enough at all. Check out a Hamilton anarchist group COMMOM CAUSE at as well as steel city solidarity a direct action tenant and workplace activist group in Hamilton who have been extremely successful. ftp

Alright, buddies. One more. What are your tastes in music? How do they change?

All I listen to is RAZORHEADS from New Jersey. Fuck everything else.

;) Ok, that’s about it, huh? Thanks a lot for your time and interest in answering the questions. Is there anything you like to add? :)


Ha! Thanks! :)

You too thanks.

July 11th- Toronto-Usw Hall [Cecil Street]- W/ COKE BUST & WHITEMOUSE
August 11th- Montreal- Katacombs- W/ SAD BOYS + 5 Others
August 23rd- Hamilton- Retirement Home- W/ HASSLER, SMOOTH BRAIN, NOT

[email protected]


Learn more about Hamilton hardcore punk scene:


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