MOVE band by Olivia Slaughter
MOVE band by Olivia Slaughter
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Boston hardcore band MOVE casting a luminous beacon onto the notions of communal revolution with “1,000,000 Experiments”

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Today, the Bostonian hardcore collective, Move, unveils their newest single, “1,000,000 Experiments.” A social commentary, this captivating track harmoniously couples an energetic guitar rhythm with a potent, unadulterated vocal delivery. This latest offering is a vibrant continuation of the previously released tracks, “Imperialist Reign” and “Summer Trend,” both harbingers of Move’s much-anticipated debut full-length, Black Radical Love.

Immersed in the ethos of the song, lead vocalist Corey Charpentier elucidates: “Drawing inspiration from Mariam Kaba’s innovative venture,, this song encapsulates the transformative, abolitionist efforts spanning across the United States that are tirelessly forging a brighter future. Revolution is not merely about disintegration, but rather the construction of systems genuinely invested in the welfare of the people—a sentiment we deemed crucial to convey.”

Black Radical Love was meticulously crafted from February 2022 through to September of the same year. The album was shaped and blended by Charlie Abend at Tower Farm Studios, Billerica, MA, with additional crafting by comfortabledude and Reg Manson, and finessed to perfection by Arthur Rizk. The creative reigns were held by guitarist Nick Hochmuth, who shaped the songs and fleshed out the entire album during the 2021 quarantine.

The band then added their collective expertise in the studio to manifest what they consider their crowning creative achievement. You’ll encounter hardcore anthems that evoke irresistible mosh-pit energy, punctuated by poignant spoken-word interludes contributed by comrades and fellow creatives. With an ethos of inclusivity, the album embraces Aaron Heard of Jesus Piece, Christine Cadette of Zulu, Kayla Philips of Bleed The Pigs, River Elliot of Ballista, and Gjared Robinson AKA Balaram Shakti Das of Out Of Body.

As for the impact Charpentier aspires to instill through Black Radical Love: “A communal endeavor birthed this record, and this inherent collaboration fuels our profound connection to it. It’s a testament that the greatest achievements—be it in art or resistance against the state—stem from collective action. We hope listeners absorb the energy of these songs, becoming motivated to identify areas for their own collective contribution. Just as we aim to stimulate fervor in the pit, we aspire for our tracks to incite resistance against injustices.”

Black Radical Love is now open for preorder through Triple B Records.

Move features Corey Charpentier on vocals, Nick Hochmuth and Andrew Crumby on guitars, Jake MacLean on bass, and Devon Austrie behind the drums. The album artwork was crafted by the artistic hand of Mithsuca Berry.

Move by Olivia Slaughter
Move by Olivia Slaughter

Immerse yourself in a riot of sound as Move takes the stage at The Tribes Of Da Moon Festival, alongside Burn, Soul Glo, Buggin, Kharma, Bleed The Pigs, and more. Join us on August 19th at the Bowery Ballroom, NY, for an unforgettable night of hardcore energy.

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