Downtalker by Alexa Noe
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Boston’s post-punk disco ensemble DOWNTALKER share new tracks, show with Fiddlehead comin up

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In the narrative arc of art, the cost of creation often precedes the catharsis of expression. This is a truism that holds particularly poignantly for downtalker, Boston’s avant-garde post-punk disco outfit. As they release two new singles today via Iodine Recordings—”All My Friends Are Dead” and “Watch Your Heart Break”—it is evident that the ensemble has paid its dues, in emotional and experiential currencies that can scarcely be quantified.

While the combined runtime of these two sonic novellas barely surpasses the seven-minute mark, the brevity belies a depth and complexity that resonates with lead vocalist Darin Thompson’s seven-year journey of sobriety. The music is not merely a vessel for artistic impulses; it is an embodiment of lived experiences.

Mixed by the multifaceted Juan Pieczanski (Small Black, Juan’s Basement), the tracks exude an upbeat tempo, but their substance is anything but trivial. Thompson delves unapologetically into the grim realities of addiction and the excruciatingly beautiful odyssey of recovery. “All My Friends Are Dead” is a phantasmagoric ride through the labyrinthine complexities of rehab life, whereas “Watch Your Heart Break” serves as an urgent clarion call to those entangled in addiction’s cruel snare, emphasizing that it’s never too late to seek help.

“In the quest for truth, discomfort is not just inevitable but essential,” Thompson remarks. His ethos encapsulates downtalker’s commitment to generating authentic, raw, yet artfully complex sonic landscapes.

The band’s sonic architecture is crafted by a core team that also includes Justin Mantell on synth, guitar, and backing vocals, and Matt Freake on drums and percussion. Mantell extols the band’s exploratory ethos, stating, “We revel in contorting the boundaries of noise, punk, disco, and pop, giving shape to what genuinely represents us as songwriters.”

On September 22, downtalker is set to make its live debut, opening for Fiddlehead at their record release party at Royale in Boston—a testament to their burgeoning artistry and an opportunity to spread their transformative narrative far and wide.

Downtalker by Alexa Noe
Downtalker by Alexa Noe

Through downtalker, Thompson has endeavored to metamorphose his personal tribulations into a collective solace—one post-punk disco beat at a time. In doing so, he hopes to inspire others, proving that while we may tread the path of life in solitude, the journey is less burdensome when we realize that we are, in fact, walking together.

Downtalker is: Darin Thompson: Lead vocals, synth, bass, guitar, Justin Mantell: Synth, guitar, bass, backing vocals, Matt Freake: Drums, percussion, backing vocals

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