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French melodic hardcore band STINKY return with ‘Moonbow,’, a glimpse into their new album

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STINKY, a prolific figure in the Nantes hardcore scene known for over 400 concerts in 15 different countries, is back with a brand new track, ‘Moonbow.’ This release marks their return after a lineup change at the end of 2022 and showcases the band’s evolving sound, blending pop/punk choruses with hardcore verses and impactful breaks.

The new track “Moonbow” is more than just a musical composition; it serves as a social commentary. In a fast-paced world obsessed with surface-level appearances, the song encourages listeners to take the time to understand the complexities of human relationships.

The lyrics, “There are things we notice, There are things we make up, Things we show, things we sense, Things we learn, when we take time,” serve as a reminder to look beyond first impressions.

Fans can anticipate more new music from STINKY as they are in the process of creating a new album slated for early 2024.


With a history that includes four European tours, three albums, and one EP, STINKY has cemented its reputation in the hardcore scene. The band has performed at significant European festivals, including Hellfest, and has shared the stage with iconic bands such as Sick Of It All, Terror, Comeback Kid, Millencolin, Sum 41, and Against Me.

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