Boundaries by Sarah Holick
Boundaries by Sarah Holick
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BOUNDARIES’ highly anticipated new metalcore banger “Burying Brightness” is out today – listen here

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BOUNDARIES have released their eagerly-awaited new album, “Burying Brightness” (3DOT Recordings), with the Hartford-based band’s sophomore album being hailed as “genre-defining” (New Transcendence) and New Noise saying “we definitely have a new standard-bearer here”.

“We utilized their voices for the first time”, Matt McDougal said of the band’s fresh approach to the album. “There’s definitely a new dynamic. We focused on writing some choruses. We made it a little prettier and calmer, changing up the listening experience. We wanted to use all of the tools we have at our disposal on this record. We didn’t leave anything out”.

Boundaries wrote the bulk of “Burying Brightness” in the studio, reuniting with “Your Receding Warmth” producer Randy Leboeuf [The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan] at Graphic Nature Audio.

“Our goal is to write exactly the kinds of songs we want to with no barriers”, guitar player Cory Emond explains. “I feel like we did that. We’ve always wanted to have songs with singing, but we were never able to capture it until now. We also have some of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written. It has both extremes”.

Boundaries is Cory Emond (guitar), Cody Delvecchio (guitar), Tim Sullivan (drums/vocals), Nathan Calcagno (bass/vocals) and Matthew McDougal (vocals)

“That narrative irony I mentioned is key here, as the lyrical darkness and musical brightness (metalcore is rarely this memorable) meet in the middle to create a metalcore classic. A lot of people will understandably write off an entire genre because they associate it with toxic characters, mediocre songwriting, or a reliance on past templates. Boundaries prove throughout Burying Brightness that talent still reigns supreme, and they put it to excellent use throughout. They’re a band with arguably one of the brightest futures in the scene, go figure.” – New Noise Magazine

“Ultimately, Burying Brightness is a beacon for hardcore bands in 2022 to look towards — Boundaries have truly crafted an admittedly super-saturated sound into their very own. Perhaps Boundaries have done this a little too well, as many of the tracks on Burying Brightness bleed into one another due to their undeniable similarities and slight reliance on formulaic structuring. Fortunately, the staggering highlights largely outweigh this album’s shortcomings, and I have full faith that Boundaries will only continue to succeed and to further diversify their offerings.” – Boolin’ Tunes

“Burying Brightness offers so many excellent, catchy, technically demanding guitar shreds that you’ll solely focus your listening apparatus on what these guys stacked into these songs. This material will be right up your alley if you’re into energetic, progressive, complex riffs, scales, licks, solos, and other sonic delicacies that define only the best metalcore releases.” – Thoughts Words Actions

“I think I’ve made it plenty clear that Burying Brightness is an excellent record—and similarly, I believe I’ve made it pretty clear that it’s likely to end up pretty high on my year-end list. While I expected a sound record from the band (as they’ve never given us anything less), I didn’t expect something that is practically a perfect metalcore record. Boundaries have…well, once more shattered their own namesake, and while Burying Brightness is as dreary as its name might have you think, it is one of 2022’s brightest shining stars.” – New Transcendence

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