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Some people still making great music in NYC – TWO-MAN GIANT SQUID share new single and a special playlist of NY bands worth a check

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Brooklyn punk band TWO-MAN GIANT SQUID have a big new single called “Versechorus” releasing on all streaming platforms today! “Versechorus” is a 3 minute psych-punk ripper written as a tongue-in-cheek ‘f*&k you’ to modern songwriting gatekeepers. Fresh off their gig at the legendary Mercury Lounge yesterday, we’re stoked to give you the new track, along with the band’s special playlist of bands that TWO-MAN GIANT SQUID are listening to and playing with around NYC! Check it out below.

The new music from TWO-MAN GIANT SQUID (Mitch Vinokur – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, Yan Kogan – Bass, Brendan Jones – Drums, Robbie Sawyer – Lead Guitar Sam Borges) was recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Brick by Brick Studios. Mitchell Vinokur & John Ried served as engineers Josh Rathbun served as the mixer and master.

Two Man Giant Squid

“The music was written by Mitch Vinokur throughout 2018-2019 in Manhattan. It wasn’t until the unexpected success of the release that a live band was put together. We have been playing live together in the NYC/Brooklyn scene since April 2022.” – comments the band.

Influenced by acts like Pavement, Neil Young, Modest Mouse, LCD Soundsystem, Built to Spill, Titus Andronicus, Pink Floyd, and Modern Lovers, “Versechorus” is based off of the way that bands like the Viagra Boys & Pavement write punk songs. “They’re meant to be direct, unrelenting, and a bit funny in approach.” – admits the band.

Two Man Giant Squid

“Don’t Get me Wrong, Though There’s Boys In Bands” PLAYLIST

Some people still making great music in NYC

“This is a special playlist for me. It’s something we put together to try and highlight some of the great Bands that we are listening to and playing with around NYC.” – comments the band.

“The name is taken from one of my favorite Arctic Monkeys lyrics which I think perfectly encapsulates what’s going on musically in New York right now. Yes, the days of the Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s igniting the scene might be behind us, but theres still people in bands writing great music, playing sweaty shows, and keeping the underground light on for important subgenres. Anyway, allow me to highlight some of the great bands & songs that make up this playlist.”

Two-Man Giant Squid – “Versechorus”

Oh hey its us! Starting things off with our brand new psych-punk single. Its a 3 minute long RIPPER that pokes fun at the monotony of the modern single and the expectations of bands to write easy “verse-chorusy” songs. Its also meant to be a bit of an FU to any songwriting gatekeepers out there who think songs need to be made a certain way. If that sounds like a petty reason to write a song, it probably is. But screw it! We’re bringing the pettiness back to punk rock baby. Give it a listen!

War Violet – “I hope I see you again”

This song blew me away when I first heard it. The songwriting and production on it is so beautiful. Its one of those songs that makes me upset that I havent written something like it. I saw War Violet perform at a friend’s apartment and I instantly knew I had to dig into her catalogue. You should too, it’s incredible!

Safer – “Stuck on You”

Safer is a band in this scene that I really respect. Their songs have that dance-punk energy that has given Mattie so much success over the years. A Safer show is always a sweaty, bouncy affair. Just the way we like it! Also, be sure to catch them play Arlene’s Grocery with us if you are in New York on November 17!

No Kill – “Swooning”

I first heard this song performed at a DIY house show this past summer. It was so beautifully done it blew me away. This entire album by No Kill has that shoegazy 90s energy that is perfect when you want to get into your ~feels~.

JW Francis – “Casino”

This song will make you happy no matter what you are doing. The lyric “I need the world way more than one needs me in it” sounds so perfect in this type of track. I saw JW play a virtual covid benefit for struggling new york clubs. That was one of the first public appearances Two-Man Giant Squid ever made and it was so cool to be on a bill with such a talented artist as JW Francis.

Mary Shelley – “Brother”

Mary Shelley is the most exciting band in New York right now, FULL STOP. Their live shows are a beautiful chaotic storm of punk rock. We are opening up for their big tape release show at Mercury Lounge on Oct 13 and couldn’t be more excited about it. This is my favorite track by them, it’s just the essence of a good punk track front to back. This *&^% is HEAVY!

Uncle Skunk – “Unaware”

These are some of the most fun dudes we’ve ever played with here in New York. And holy shit can they write a song. The layering on this track blows me away. Its something I expected to hear from a band like Wilco. Not from some drunk dudes on a rooftop in Bushwick.

o.Wake – “Riper Than Ripe”

I have been chasing a foolproof way to make people dance to my music ever since I started writing it. o.Wake figures this out in this danceable indie jam. From the snares to funky synths, the production on this is seriously so impressive and something that I find myself striving for. Oh and.. SAX SOLO

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