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“Brainwashed Youth” – Wisconsin hardcore band DELINQUENTS premiere new track!

Not so long after the feature on their friends’ band MENDED, Wisconsin based hardcore punks from DELINQUENTS are teaming up with us to give you their new single “Brainwashed Youth”, proving the 4-piece hardcore band out of Madison to be in a great shaped, ready to expand beyond their current discography including a demo, 2 EPs (here and here), and a split with BACKBONE and KHARMA. Check out the new track below, expecy a full length this Winter and be sure to catch them live if you’re near Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan or Kentucky, as they are doing a couple short tours this summer and hopefully some longer treks in Fall and Winter.

The track is about the media spinning things in a profitable way but a way that isn’t always the most truthful and how that influences the views of our youth. Most of our songs come from a place of anger about our world around us and when I say our world I very much mean our world. We’re not trying to write something that everyone can relate to. We write things that personally effect our day to day thoughts and feelings and a lot of it has to do with the people around us.

Catch the band live at:

July 14th in Champagne, IL w/ Township
July 15th in Louisville, KY w/ Township
July 16th TBA w/ Township

August 2nd in Fort Wayne, IN w/ Through N’ Through and Wits End
August 3rd in Cincinnati, OH w/ Through N’ Through and Wits End
August 4th in Detroit, MI w/ Through N’ Through and Wits End
August 5th in Chicago, IL with Wits End


Pointing the finger, playing the victim
time after time after time
logic distorted by the emotions
masses believing a lie
media paints a marketable tale
easy to digest
we’re getting obese like fast food junkies
being put to the test
and we’ve failed

Brainwashed youth
thanks to you
brainwashed youth
so fuck you

Walk in their shoes
not a day but a lifetime
and tell me you wouldn’t bust back
it goes both ways, ongoing abuse
the whole worlds’ under attack
try to say you’re just a product of the system
to an extent this is true
but I won’t simply settle as a victim
I’ll leave that up to you

Brainwashed youth
thanks to you
brainwashed youth
so fuck you

Fight for the right
even if it’s the few
a victim mindset
it never worked for me
it never worked for you

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