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British alt rock / punk rock act WEAK13 comment on their new music video

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British rock / punk rock act WEAK13 (est. 1999) have recently released their new music video for the song “Obey The Slave”, coming from their debut record “They Live”, released last year and available for streaming below. Revolving around a theme of law and order, the song raises questions about authority and activism. We asked the band to expound more on that and share some more insights on the track. Check it out below and scroll down to watch the video now.

WEAK13 offered the following about the concept and the message of the track:

The song ObeyTheSlave is a reaction to the world we currently exist in. So many people are blinded and distracted by politics, propaganda and news media or have little understanding of what is actually happening around them. Our world is not what we think it is, people react faster than ever before to news headlines thanks to technology; they question little and before they even have an opportunity to think critically there’s corporate run alternative news channels readily available, scripted and armed with an opposing or conflicting story to program them how to behave. It’s all distracting people from their own lives and it doesn’t appear to make sense because it’s designed not to. Fear fear fear is the only thing the news really promotes; it’s a successful way of controlling the majority of the population. So WEAK13 just wrote a song like we always do. We’re not ordering people to jump to the left or right like sheep because the left and right are controlled by the same forces. We’re just saying that it’s time people woke up.


Radiation frequencies used against our brains.
Targeting and jamming our immune systems.
Rewriting vocabulary to dumb us down.
Food supplies are poisonous.
Silent Weapons of war.
I’ve got all the anger I need. Obey the slave.

Predators are sent to war to reduce numbers.
Elite create political left and right.
So you think you’ve got a voice.
They keep us crippled.
Landmines in our daily lives collapse our ability to think.
I’ve got all the anger I need. Obey the slave.

Don’t start a revolution. Have a revelation and share.
Wake up.

WEAK13 are currently preparing to record their second as yet untitled studio album with producer John Stewart at FrEQ in Coventry, England. Speaking to the website, frontman and guitarist Nick J Townsend revealed:

“We were so impressed with the engineering by Stewart on the They Live album; it’s important news that we’ll be able to work with him again and we know already that he’ll do the new material the justice it deserves”.

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