Sharkswimmer by Mitchell Wojcik
Sharkswimmer by Mitchell Wojcik
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Brooklyn’s indie post hardcore act SHARKSWIMMER drops “Serenity”, new video with Thursday’s Geoff Rickly airing now

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Fresh from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, the post-hardcore band Sharkswimmer has unveiled their electrifying debut album titled “Serenity.” Produced by the renowned Jon Markson, known for his work with Drug Church and Koyo, this album also features the talents of Geoff Rickly from Thursday and No Devotion, and Vinnie Caruana from The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche.

Already making waves and catching the attention of outlets like Lambgoat, Brooklyn Vegan, and Washed Up Emo, the band’s sound is reminiscent of legends like The Casket Lottery and Planes Mistaken For Stars, but with a fresh twist.

Geoff Rickly of Thursday collaborated with the band on “Demolition of a Childhood Home” music video, which is now available!

“Demolition of a Childhood Home” is a compelling track that explores the profound effects of childhood trauma, making it a fitting choice for a music video.

The song blends unsettling guitar riffs with the passionate vocals of Justin Buschardt and Geoff Rickly, offering a poignant and intense listening experience.

The title draws inspiration from the actual devastation of Buschardt’s childhood residence in a tornado, symbolizing the emotional ruins left by abuse.

With the addition of Geoff Rickly to the mix, the song gains even more depth and emotion, standing out as a powerful representation of personal battles and resilience.


Bands Do Brooklyn praised it for its raw emotion, stating it “hits hard and covers a lot of emotional ground.” Meanwhile, Oh My Rockness recommends you catch them live, describing their sound as “muscular punk meets fuzzy melodies.”


Sharkswimmer’s “Serenity,” available now exclusively on Bandcamp via Really Rad Records, is more than just an album; it’s a deep dive into the emotional journey of vocalist and lead songwriter Justin Buschardt. Drawing from the pain and turmoil of divorce, listeners are taken on a heartfelt exploration of broken relationships and the challenges of healing a scarred heart.

Sharkswimmer by Mitchell Wojcik
Sharkswimmer by Mitchell Wojcik

The album is a vibrant blend, capturing the aggressive tunes from the golden era of ’90s post-hardcore and combining them with the catchy hooks of modern alt-rock bands. This debut is an authentic reflection of Sharkswimmer’s unique voice in the rock scene, offering a sound that is both nostalgic and innovative.

Serenity” showcases their commitment to bringing back the essence of rock, complete with powerful lyrics and pulsating beats. Whether you’re a fan of the classic ’90s emo tunes or the modern vibes of Drug Church or Militarie Gun, this album promises a refreshing experience.

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