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Melbourne band STEPMOTHER unveils their mature take on garage rock’n’roll with “Planet Brutalicon”

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Tee Pee Records proudly heralded the release of “Planet Brutalicon“, the debut album from the Oz-based rock sensation, Stepmother, on September 29th. Now available for the world to experience, the album is an audacious showcase of the band’s raw rock ‘n’ roll energy.

Led by the famed underground guitarist Graham Clise, known for his associations with bands such as Witch and Annihilation Time, Stepmother has crafted an album that resonates deeply with rock enthusiasts. Their sound, a potent blend of motor city proto-punk infused with electric psychedelia, draws inspiration from trailblazing bands like Blue Cheer, The Pink Fairies, and The Damned.


Having recorded “Planet Brutalicon” at Rat Shack with the guidance of Robert Muinos, known for his work with Saskwatch, and mastering done by the seasoned John Davis of The Damned at Metropolis Mastering, the album stands as a testament to the band’s commitment to quality and raw musical prowess.

Photographs by Laura Douglas further add a visual dimension to Stepmother’s narrative, capturing the band’s essence and bringing their story to life.



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