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Turkish dark, atmospheric shoegaze experimentalists hiçamahiç streaming new video for “Düşünürüm”

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The ethereal shoegaze/emo act known as hiçamahiç have recently unveiled a visualizer for “Düşünürüm,” a track dripping with introspection from their celebrated debut album.

The shadows of the ancient city dance and shimmer in the video crafted meticulously by Mutlu & Görkem, with live footages bearing the fingerprints of Bengi & Defne, breathing life into the track’s haunting ambiance. Mutlu, with his deft touch, has also overseen the mix, while Will Killingsworth’s masterful craftsmanship lends the final, flawless touches.

When we first introduced our readers to hiçamahiç, we labeled their inception as an “enigmatic introspection” that transcends traditional sonic boundaries.

Their commitment to a fluid, evolving sound, one that defies simple classification, has carved them a niche in the world of emo and shoegaze. This potent blend of melancholic nostalgia and ferocious emotion reflects not just in their music but also in their visual interpretations. Each frame of the video echoes the very essence of their musical DNA: romantic, aggressive, and dripping with an enigmatic aura.


Drawing inspiration from legends like Rainer Maria and Jejune, while also channeling the raw spirit of grunge pioneers like Nirvana, hiçamahiç crafts songs that feel simultaneously fresh yet steeped in a history of raw emotion. The ‘Düşünürüm‘ video release today serves as a testament to their artistry, marrying visuals to their unique sonic landscapes.

DIY Conspiracy magazine eloquently encapsulated the band’s aura earlier this year, terming them a “rare diamond in this sea of unoriginality.” Their evocative sound, blending emo’s romantic tunes with shoegaze’s reverb-laden melancholy, stands out in a world brimming with imitations.

As the haunting melodies of “Düşünürüm” weave their way into the tapestry of our souls, it’s clear that hiçamahiç, with their emotional spectrum and innovative approach, is not just a band but an experience—one that beckons us into its ethereal embrace, urging us to feel, to introspect, and to get lost in its profound depths. Join us in this immersive journey and witness the mesmerizing artistry of hiçamahiç firsthand.

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