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Brooklyn’s new wave dark punks JUST premiere new eerie singles!

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Written as part of batch inspired by noise, 70’s punk and NYHC, “Forces/Tres“, the second release from the Operation Broadway series from Brooklyn based noisy new wave post punk rockers JUST serves as an evolution from the aggressive hardcore of the band’s past releases and a bold and assertive statement for what these nice fellas can do decades after their influences. Their new singles are built upon their punk backbone, with a layer of weirdness and mystery, and an eerie veil of gloomy, yet ear-catching new wave and post punk.

Each release from the series features different studio members and sessions a and the  of all three parts will be released on Cassette via Worstkind Collective in September 2018.



The successor to Obsidian, from Part One. It’s a track about escapist mentality.


Stepping out of mind
Took a walk in a foreign land
Where the people don’t stare
Where nobody’s listening
Where nobody’s digging in

Just doing what I’m doing to get paid
Stepping out of my mind
Got forces forcing me to do
The dirty work
Got my own to do


Inspired by a faceless, throwaway surf track from a 70’s Tax-Scam album. Tres is about the destructive habit of waiting around for chance a encounter.


Like a pack of smokes
[Inaudible cough]
When they’re done you start all over again
When I sound like jest or jokes, I’m not
I look my worst when I’m telling the truth

And I’ll confess
That it’s a shrewd move
To hold your head down and trudge towards truth

With a goal, as shallow as it may sound
To smoke ‘em all
Until I see her again


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