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CHILD MEADOW – “Anders” track premiere (CATON & OPHÉLIE / MOSS ROSE / DUCT HEARTS split teaser)

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Two weeks before its official release on time as a color, Keephope productions, Friendly Otter, Dingleberry records, Dreaming gorilla records, Hardcore For The Losers, and Adorno Records, we are pleased to unveil a one fourth of the newest split between Malartic, Québec’s  post hardcore / screamo act CATON & OPHÉLIE, blackened screamo / emoviolence act MOSS ROSE, München, Germany’s post rockish post hardcore act DUCT HEARTS and emotive post hardcore duo, now sextet, CHILD MEADOW from Toulon, France. “Anders”, a fine contribution by the latter, is brimming with emotions and great organic feel that blends its sharp-edged riffs with nostalgic and emotional vibe. Listen below and scroll further down to get another foretaste of the record, CATON & OPHÉLIE’s “A Safe Place”.

The track was recorded at studio 18 in Hyères les Palmiers by Olivier Cancellieri, mixed by himself and mastered by François Fanelli in Marseille at Sonics Mastering. The official street date for the split is August 16th. There will be 300 copies  pressed on 180g vinyl, 250 on black, and 50 on tan/black marbled. Covers for this beauty were printed on 300g reycling paper, records screenprinted by Blakk Meadow. Artwork by Yasmin Ensor. Pre-order viaa time as a color at this location.


Those headaches are still present. Probably to remind me how broken I am. All those years are just basic memories. Those things that belongs to the past. But what hurt the most is to realize that we will never be together again.

CHILD MEADOW – “Anders”:

The track is about starting a new life, saying goodbye to what his behind you, and diving into the present and the future. It’s hard to keep your head straight and even harder to stay positive.

At first it started has a split with Duct Hearts. In January 2017, before going on tour in South East Asia we recorded 4 new songs in a studio. Two for a split with Appletop (France), one for a split with Piri Reis (Malaysia), and the last one was kind of free. Me and Pierre knew Daniel since a bit of years now. He came here when he was driving Human hands, and we also met on the road with Grand Détour and played together with Duct Hearts. We kept an awesome souvenirs of their live, and wanted to do something together. Our songs where short, so we decided to grow the adventure, and it became a four way split with new friends: Moss rose and Caton & Ophélie. The rest of the story is Daniel from Duct Hearts / time as a color, being a real chef + killer manager/label boss, and made everything happened. We had sincerely no time for that, so we can’t thank him enough for all the hard work. Without him, for sure the split would have never see the light


Clement of Child Meadow wrote me i think in early 2017 telling me they had a song left from a recording session, asking if i knew a band that wanted to do a split 7″ with them. duct hearts had just released ‘excerpt a’ on the time as a color 10-years comp LP and I thought this would be a nice occasion to write/record another excerpt. so initially this record was originally planned to be a small custom sized (5″, 6″, 8″, you get the idea) split between child meadow and duct hearts. due to high costs and high pressing runs of anything custom we thought it would be nice to make it a 9″ and invite 2 more bands onto the record. cm came up with the idea to ask caton & ophelie from canada and duct hearts had just met shaun of moss rose on their UK tour in summer ’17, so everything seemed like a great match. after being basically ready for press the pressing plant stopped replying to our mails, so after loads of efforts of trying to get in touch with them we thought about possible other ways to release this. as most plants don’t do custom sized records we decided to go for a one-sided 12″ which was pressed at my45 in bavaria, and for the extra custom feel the records got a nice screenprint on the b-side.

CATON & OPHÉLIE – “A Safe Place”:

This song is the following of A Safe Place Pt.1 from our album One of us will not survive this. Essentialy it’s the same lyrics, talking about a person who lost his entire family because of his mistakes, and he just can’t live with it. When we play it live, it’s one entire song. It’s gonna be the last song from C&O with this vocalist.

The way we became a part of this split is pure coincidence. I met Charles from YOO DOO RIGHT in a house show our bassist organized in Malartic (Canada). Few days later, he told me that his friend Clément from Child Meadow was searching a band with a post-rock vibe for a split. Our album was on mastering, so why not? We are really happy with the final result, the artwork is dope and Daniel from time as a color did a great job on that in all the processus. Four beautiful bands from four beautiful countries. We all feel glad.


“Drowning in fire” is our reflection on a class divide that exists in our country. It was highlighted recently by the Grenfell Tower Disaster.

The tower burnt down and many people unfortunately lost their lives. It was alluded to, that many safety precautions hadn’t been checked for a long time. Many other issues arose from the disaster that suggested that “low end” accommodation seemed to not need the same amount of safety attention as a property lived in by someone from wealth.

Yasmin plays bass and does backing vocals on this recording and Shaun plays guitar and also does vocals.



CHILD MEADOW split abels

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