BROTHER JAMES channels the energies of various insporations in an impressive debut LP

French labels Désertion RecordsEmotionally Unstable Records, and La Cellule Records have teamed up with Germany’s Dingleberry Records and Distribution to co-release the new record from Toulon based experimental noise rock band BROTHER JAMES. The post rock tinged quartet cranked out some pretty great songs for their debut full length and despite some obvious inspirations like SOUTH YOUTH and ENGINE DOWN, have managed to build a unique context for their sounds, while allowing each to retain its own distinct flavor. With no gaps between its tracks, ‘Beyond The Pines’ is so madly satisfying and it feels really amazing to go with their flow. Dive into this masterpiece and get acquainted with BROTHER JAMES through our interview below.

BROTHER JAMES is: guitarist/bassist Boris Huraux, giitarist/vocalist Olivier Allegrucci, drummer Sébastien Marcucci, bassist/guitarist Vincent Lechat.

Hey there guys! I’m so glad we have a chance to talk about BROTHER JAMES! How are you? Since there is not too much information about you guys available online, please drop us a couple of lines about yourselves, your backgrounds and the band’s experience so far.

Hi Karol. I am Boris and i play guitar and bass too in BROTHER JAMES.

We’re a 4 piece “noisy / post rock” band from Toulon (France). We started the band in 2012 and our influences are mostly SONIC YOUTH and MOGWAI (we listen many other things!)

We played in differents bands in the past like WADDLE (post rock) for me and Sébastien (Drums) SILENT SPRING (pop) for Sébastien and Olivier (guitar and voice) and actually in TWIN APPLE (pop) for me and AMONG DEAD DOGS (stoner) for Vincent (bass and guitar).

We played 14/15 gigs since our debut we published a first LP in 2014 with Désertion Records & We are bringing out our second album this week with Désertion Records, La Cellule Records (FR), Emotionally Unstable Records (FR) & Dingleberry Records (DE).

2014 self tittled LP was recorded by ourself and a good friend of us, Olivier, bass player of Appletop mixed & masterised it. Our new LP called Beyond the Pines was recorded from a to z by Olivier of Appletop. He mixed it too!

Awesome! Does this new record hold the same emotional meaning for you now as it did back when you were working on your debut album?

This new record was recorded very differently. Indeed, we recorded we even the 1st LP in two sessions after 6 months of existence.

Thus it is a kind of compilation of the first ones moments.

For the second, we have of to reconstruct our universe through a new dynamics: the departure of one of our member and thus the arrived of a new, Vincent, an old friend.

All songs were composed by Olivier and a little by me but all the band arrange them.


The second is more reflected and worked, we took more time for the composition and the choice of the songs.

Finally, the production is radically different because we recorded in a real studio with our friend olive tree to record and mix us.

We are very happy of this new production but do not regret at all that of the first one even if this one contains some youthful mistakes.

Our music evolved between these two records and we even more hope to develop it.

What inspired you to develop these new tracks? Concept and lyrics wise, is there a particular story you were trying to tell with these songs?

Our songs are inspired by many things, what affects us over the moment to tell the truth.

The first one was very directed mythology.

The second is partially directed on the sex through some pieces which are inspired by actresses and porn actors.

However, there is a piece which was made from an event which particularly allocated to us: the song “Beyond the Pines” was written following event of Charlie Hebdo in January, 2015.

Furthermore, we began to recordafter the slaughter of the Bataclan of November 13th of the same year….

At that time, we questioned us about the title of this new record, it was thus as an obvious fact.

We are not a committed group but we do not put ourselves barriers.

If we wish to make a song on love generally or fact be happy, we shall make hit, in our own way well on.

What is this band an outlet for? Personally, what does it feel like to be a part of it?

I think the band is for us an outlet for energy, creativity, all kinds of feelings, fun is the most important, we love explore new gruitar sound via new tunings in our guitars plug your guitar man & lets do some noise!

BROTHER JAMES by Lionel Bonnaud

Photo by Lionel Bonnaud

Which new directions is this new year taking you in? What are your plans for 2017? Do you plan on taking this new record on the road and play some shows outside your closest neighbourhood?

Well, we hope touring a little, some gigs in France in our town and others a maybe in Italy if all goes well but you know, it’s a little difficult touring a lot because of our jobs. We are very busy doing new songs for a new record (LP or split EP if we find a band witch want to do it with us).

What are you involved in when not being involved with BROTHER JAMES?

Vincent play in a stoner band called AMONG DEAD DOGS & like Playing with bands, watching bands, booking bands.

Trying to make old vespas work.

Everything involving melting cheesed

I play in a pop band called TWIN APPLE, i’m seller of electric household, il like playing music & watching bands, i’m a big fan of SONIC YOUTH, il like cheese ans wine, i love cats too.

Olivier work in a After-sales service on automatons of biology, practice of photography and like cinema.

Sébastien is a commercial organizer in a big store, he plays base ball and he’s a big fan of SONIC YOUTH too.

Cool! You can say that by listening to your work, and, by all means, I don’t mean being generic. Smartly blended, subtly contrasted. I love it!

Alright, thanks so much for your time and this initial introduction for our readers. Feel free to leave your lastv thoughts and take care!

Well, thanks a lot. It was a pleasure to answer your questions.

Best regards

[email protected]
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