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Brutal hardcore band NO ZODIAC

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Emerging from a half-decade of silence, Phoenix’s brutal hardcore stalwarts, NO ZODIAC, announce their imminent return. This Fall, the ensemble will unveil a new two-song 7″ via 1126 Records. An emblem of resilience and reinvention, this release punctuates the band’s transformative journey, signaling the end of their hiatus.

Setting the stage for what’s to come, NO ZODIAC recently dropped their A-side track, “Self Inflicted.” The raw intensity of the song is further amplified by the guest feature of Joe Bad from Fit For An Autopsy. The collaborative effort presents an audial tapestry that is both aggressive and evocative.

NO ZODIAC by Josh White
NO ZODIAC by Josh White

Rolo Hernandez, the vocal powerhouse behind NO ZODIAC, provides an introspective lens into “Self Inflicted,” remarking, “The song is about substance abuse… I am a practicing Satanist and believe in the freedom of indulgence. Freedom or not, every action in life has a consequence. This song is about that realization.” It’s a poignant narrative, a glimpse into the duality of indulgence and its repercussions.

NO ZODIAC’s distinctive style emanates from Phoenix, Arizona, a melting pot of metal, hardcore, and beatdown. Their music has never been just about the sound; it’s been a potent blend of profound lyricism and brutal intensity. Over a span of more than a decade, the band has carved a niche by addressing societal concerns, delving deep into personal tribulations, and crafting an introspective narrative.

Further, aficionados can secure their copy of the anticipated 7” via the 1126 webshop HERE.

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