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Budapest based Pseudo-Exotic Psych-Math rockers KYTARO premiere new qicked single & music video – watch!

A little over two weeks ahead of the release of their new album ‘Temporary Internet Files’, the Hungarian self-proclaimed pseudo-exotic psych-math trio KYTARO are back to our pages with their excellent new song and music video called “Non-Binary”!

“In a corrupted society in which every aspect of human life is shaped by competition, individualism, and exploitation, a sensitive man (garbage collector by profession) who has always been living on the margins, he seeks his own identity and his place inside the community.”  – comments the band.

“In a world where everything is quickly consumed and all things become ephemeral and waste, the garbage assumes a symbolic meaning of beauty and revenge. It takes on new life opening up an unpredictable future in which only the most thoughtful, the most fragile and the outcasts have a chance to survive.”

Kytaro by Karmatik

Kytaro by Karmatik

Pre-order the new LP HERE.

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