Buenos Aires metal act ANTI teases new album with raging new single “Ør Incinerate Me”

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Created with a purpose to be present to to the struggles of others, “Ør Incinerate Me” by ANTI was written as a portrayal of battling with your own decevious mind and thoughts, and the song’s harshness and gritty delivery reflect exactly such uneasy emotions.

“We are all surviving, trying our best with what we have and what we find along the way, learning how to deal with ourselves in order to love ourselves and the ones around us, who we care about, in a healthier, better way. We are not battling alone.” – comments ANTI.

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“I wrote it it to be a compagnion for those who are struggling, living and surviving this cruel world we’re living in. Maybe it’s not as cruel as it seems if we do it all together.”

The song marks her third single and comes from ANTI’s upcoming album “Second Death Vol. I”

ANTI confirs she wrote “ØIM” as a portrayal of battling with your own deceitful mind.

“It’s like a little friendly (self)reminder that chaos is good, otherwise, we’ll be stuck still, living in a static, monotonous life.” – she explains.

“That’s why I describe the final verse as a mantra “Fire burning / I’m coming out alive” send me instantly to the mindset of being stronger than fire: Even if I’m burning inside, I’ll survive. Even if I’m dealing with all these demoniac thoughts, as those represent anxiety, I’ll survive, I’ll come out alive.”


Asked about the new music video, ANTI says that she wanted to picture the feeling behind the lyrics of the song.

“Visually, I really wanted to evoke 2000’s nu-metal aesthetics, like mtv2 alternative videos, while also showing a little bit of how anxiety feels like for me. And I think the director @filmbyadriel captured that perfectly: playing with different visuals (such as flames and parts of the lyrics), harsh camera movements, special costumes desgins plus gore accesories, and a well-adjusted crippling post edition made the video worth it and I’m really proud and happy about how it turned out.”

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