BUGGIN by Farrah Skeiky
BUGGIN by Farrah Skeiky
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Chicago hardcore band BUGGIN share new track “Not Yours”

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BUGGIN, known for their lively and authentic sound, has just unveiled their latest single, “Not Yours.” The song showcases a blend of playful elements and emotional highs, setting the stage for their highly anticipated debut album, “Concrete Cowboys.”

The lyrics takes on a more serious tone for the band, delving into the tokenization of women and non-binary folks in the hardcore scene, as vocalist Bryanna Bennett proclaims “call us female fronted you can eat my fist.” The song itself highlights the band’s punchy, shout-along style built on potent rhythms and made for two-stepping.

Fans can look forward to the album’s release on June 2nd via Flatspot Records.

Expanding on “Not Yours”, vocalist Bennett states:“ A more personal one about dealing with the tokenization of being seen as a girl in hardcore. I’m non-binary and I hate being thrown in ‘female fronted’ categories. We just want to rock without people making it weird or only liking us for that reason.”

Established in 2019, Buggin gained recognition with a demo released the same year, from which the title Concrete Cowboys originates.

Following their 2021 Buggin Out EP and singles “Brainfreeze” (2021) and “Attitude” (2022), the band collaborated with producer Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios and mastering engineer Brad Boatright at AudioSiege to craft an engaging 12-song album. Tracks such as “Snack Run” and “The Customer Is Always Wrong” demonstrate the band’s willingness to inject some fun into their music as they explore everyday experiences. Meanwhile, songs like “Hard 2 Kill” serve as a self-empowerment anthem, and “Not Yours” addresses the objectification of women and non-binary individuals in the hardcore scene.

With Concrete Cowboys, Buggin remains committed to their authentic selves while striving for a promising future in the hardcore genre.

The band comprises Bryanna Bennett on vocals, Dewey Hendrik on bass, Peyton Roberts on guitar, and Michael Rasmussen on drums. Catch them live on tour in Europe – go HERE to see the dates.

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