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“Glare” – new LOMA PRIETA is here! “Last” LP coming up this June!

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Almost one year after their latest single “Sunlight”, LOMA PRIETA are back with their new single “Glare”, coming from the band’s new release called “Last“, just announced via Deathwish Inc.! The new song comes with the official music video that you can watch above.

With this new offering, the Bay Area emotional post hardcore band showcases their remarkable evolution. Kicking off wth an ethereal intro and post rock moods, “Glare” incorporates  more atmospheric elements than their previous screamo and aggressive post-hardcore releases, and demonstrates their ability to blend different styles seamlessly.

As the song progresses, it builds towards an almost cinematic climax, reflecting the intensity and passion that LOMA PRIETA is known for.

For nearly two decades Loma Prieta have evolved in front of our eyes. With each release, they have elevated the post-punk sub-genre to high art without abandoning the heart at its core. All serving as an artistic reflection for their personal growth amid the complex world that surrounds us all.

“Last” was recorded by engineer Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios (Deafheaven, Gouge Away). It is comprised of eleven songs which took shape amid the turbulence the world has collectively faced over the last number of years. The emotional tension within each is palatable. At times, unfurling contemplatively with delicate melody while at others, exploding with sonic violence. All giving voice to the manic nature of the modern human experience.

Glare” lyrics:

Fluorescent’s spectrum and brightness,
reflection of the light source in printed matter
It didn’t matter; Veiling.
Glare is an instinctive desire to look away,
To look away from the fluorescence.
” T can see the frame but I cannot see the picture”
(- Errol Morris)
List the things I couldn’t do
In a thousand years
This empty page
Lost in the lights again.
List the things I wouldn’t do (for you)
This empty page,
miss you everyday.
You can’t see for the glare,
The light meant to show your way.
The glare in your eyes
Glare as if you could hold on to hate,
like it was a physical object
No one could ever take your place,
But I try.

Track Listing:

01. Sequitur
02. NSAIDs
03. Sunglight
04. Dose
05. Fire in Black & White
06. One-Off (Part 2)
07. Circular Saw
08. Symbios
09. Dreamlessnessless
10. Glare
11. LLC

Catch LOMA PRIETA live at the following dates:

June 30, Friday – Ivy Room @ 7:00pm, Oakland, CA, United States
July 1, Saturday – Beat Kitchen @ 7:00pm, Chicago, IL, United States
July 2, Sunday – The Sanctuary @ 7:00pm, Detroit, MI, United States
July 3, Monday – Pyramid Scheme @ 7:00pm, Grand Rapids, MI, United States
July 4, Tuesday – The Garrison @ 7:00pm, Toronto, ON, Canada
July 5, Wednesday – Bar Le Ritz PDB @ 7:00pm, Montreal, QC, Canada
July 6, Thursday – Machines with Magnets @ 7:00pm, Pawtucket, RI, United States
July 7, Friday – TV Eye @ 7:00pm, Brooklyn, NY, United States
July 8, Saturday – Milk Boy @ 7:00pm, Philadelphia, PA, United States
July 9, Sunday – Metro Gallery @ 7:00pm, Baltimore, MD, United States

Since their formation in 2005, Loma Prieta—named after the devastating 1989 earthquake in Northern California— has skillfully developed a hardcore sound that balances melody and discomfort, reminiscent of their predecessors, At the Drive-In.

The band consists of Valeriano Saucedo III on drums, Sean Leary on guitar and vocals, Brian Kanagaki on guitar and vocals, and James Siboni on bass.


With the release of two EPs, Our LP Is Your EP (2006) and Matrimony (2007), Loma Prieta paved the way for their debut album, Last City, which was launched in May 2008 under their own label, Discos Huelga. This record featured a blend of screamo and “emo violence,” characterized by brutal intensity and sonic dissonance reminiscent of the Massachusetts D.I.Y. punk band Ampere. Like Ampere, Loma Prieta embraced constant touring, self-booked gigs, and staying with fans during their travels.

The band’s dissonant grind sound persisted in their subsequent independent releases, Dark Mountain and Life/Less. In 2011, Loma Prieta joined forces with distributor Deathwish Inc for their fourth album, the fittingly titled I.V., which infused melodic hooks beneath the frenzied discord.

A year later, they collaborated with Italian screamo band Raein for a split EP.

In late 2015, Loma Prieta released their fifth album, Self Portrait, further solidifying their presence in the hardcore scene.

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