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BURNER crafts a malevolent soundscape with venomous new single “Prometheus Reborn”

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Burner is not just a mere addition to the UK underground scene, but a demonic force to be reckoned with. Their rise to power has been marked by a slew of accomplishments, including a full-blown UK tour in the spring of 2022 alongside Employed to Serve, followed by a summer headline tour in the UK, and numerous shows with other diabolical acts such as Portrayal of Guilt, Tuskar, Death Goals, and Mastiff.

Their unholy reign extends beyond the realm of live shows, as they have been featured on Daniel P Carter’s “New music you need to hear now” on Kerrang!, and named one of Metal Hammer’s “12 bands to watch in 2022”. Even the most blasphemous of music critics have bowed down to Burner’s infernal prowess, with Kerrang!, Distorted Sound, Brooklyn Vegan, Noizze, Hardbeat Mag, Everything Is Noise, and Mathcore Index among the many who have praised their hellish sound. And as if that weren’t enough, their demonic melodies have even been played on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show.

Their first full-length album, ‘It All Returns to Nothing,’ continues the journey that began with their 2022 EP, ‘A Vision of The End,’ but with even greater force and dynamism. The band’s distinctive and unmistakable sound has evolved to a new level, as ‘It All Returns to Nothing’ delivers a relentless assault of hardcore riffs, interspersed with death metal elements and a healthy dose of black metal ambiance. The album’s production, helmed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House, known for their work with Svalbard, Conjurer, and Employed to Serve, is nothing short of exceptional. Both new singles, “Prometheus Reborn” and “Hurt Locker” are great examples of that!

With 11 tracks that showcase the band’s insatiable hunger and undeniable talent in crafting crushing extreme music, ‘It All Returns to Nothing‘ is a powerful testament to their prowess. Each song is a masterclass in precision and concision, delivering a pummeling attack that leaves no room for respite. This album is a testament to a band that has found their sound and is ready to conquer the extreme music scene with unbridled force.

BURNER by Steph Evans Visuals min
BURNER by Steph Evans Visuals-min

Burner is a band of exceptional talent, with a remarkable skill for fusing together the elements of death metal, hardcore, and fragments of black metal into a cohesive and calculated whole. Unlike most bands who wear their influences on their sleeves, Burner takes things a step further, showcasing a real diversity that touches upon everything from Trap Them, Darkest Hour, and Gatecreeper to Converge and Bolt Thrower.

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