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INCENDIARY promises great new album with a follow up single – listen to “Echo Of Nothing”!

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Long Island hardcore band, Incendiary, has released the second track, “Echo Of Nothing,” from their upcoming album, “Change The Way You Think About Pain,” set to be released on May 26, 2023. The album, which was once again produced by Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Every Time I Die,, features ten songs and will be released via Closed Casket Activities.

Following the album announcement a month ago, the band released the first single, “Bite The Hook,” to much anticipation from fans. “Echo Of Nothing” is now available to stream on your favorite streaming services.

“”Echo of Nothing‘ was inspired by the migrant crisis in the EU stemming from the conflicts in Syria and Libya, among others,” the band states. “The struggles and prejudice these individuals faced when coming ashore is well-documented. Less well-known is the plight of those who were captured en route and brought back to their home country, only to be held in prisons and labor camps under inhumane conditions. The song looks at how this mistreatment often breeds resentment, contempt and, ultimately, violence.”

Incendiary, a hardcore band hailing from Long Island, New York, has made a name for itself with its unique sound of crushing metallic riffs, energetic rhythms, and sharp lyrics. Their fourth full-length album, Change The Way You Think About Pain, is their most aggressive and abrasive yet, showcasing their classic passion and modern power.

The band’s influences include East Coast hardcore legends such as Vision Of Disorder, 108, Indecision, and Glassjaw, and they have been likened to a heavier version of Rage Against The Machine.

According to lead singer Brendan Garrone, the band wanted to refine their sound rather than drastically change it or repeat what they had done in the past. He said, “We are kind of in rare territory being a hardcore band on their fourth LP, it feels like a milestone. Our focus was on refining the sound that we’ve optimally been working towards rather than any desire to make a huge pivot.”

Produced by Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio, the album explores the hyper-polarization of American society and the lengths we go to avoid pain and maintain comfort. It combines socio-politically driven content with darker, more personalized subjects. The album title itself, according to frontman Brendan Garrone, is meant to evoke the concept of pain avoidance.

Guitarist Brian Audley added that the band aimed to make the new album more aggressive and abrasive in terms of both the songs and production. Fans of Incendiary can expect a refined, yet intense album with “Change The Way You Think About Pain.”


Despite being a hardcore band on their fourth LP, Incendiary has managed to maintain their sound while refining it further. According to Garrone, the focus was on perfecting the sound they have been working towards rather than making a drastic change. The album’s aggressive and abrasive nature is due to the band’s desire to create a more intense sound in terms of songs and production.

Change The Way You Think About Pain is a perfect soundtrack for those who want to feel the blunt force of metalcore and the biting lyrics that come with it.

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