Cagliari hardcore band MY OWN PRISON comment on their debut LP

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More than 2 years after our collaborative music video premiere, we’re back with some more stories from emotional hardcore band from Cagliari, Italy called MY OWN PRISON (Strikedown Records). After releasing one demo in 2009 and “Finisterre” EP in 2013, the band bring in more subtle shines of melody tearing through an intense and sometimes gloomy wall of their pignant sound. Their debut LP was released in December 2014 via Strikedown Records and it’s high time to let you know about it and support it with a proper feature.

The band has scheduled two French shows for June 18 and June 19 and will soon be revealing more dates for their European tour. Check out their tunes and donate / buy their stuff via Bandcamp if you like what you hear. Bring yourself a breath of fresh air and scroll down to read more about this passionate offering.

Photo by Fabrizio Ara.

Hey guys! What’s up? How have you been doing since our last feature for IDIOTEQ in February 2013?

Hi dude, what a pleasure! It’s ok, maybe the best days for our band. The release of Finisterre EP was the closure of a season. We started to write all the new stuff immediately, unhurried.. between a concert and another, playing also with band such ADOLESCENTS and MADBALL.

All these new songs are the really first born from scratch with Ale, our actual drummer. Since last summer an old friend Nico (already CURSE THIS OCEAN) had joined us, as a new second guitar player. We’ve got ready for the recordings of SLEEPERS and for a little pre-release tour made in november, so here we are.

Yeah man, it’s your debut full length, a perfect follow up to your 2009 demo record and 2013 “Finisterre” EP! How does it feel to have it finally out?

We are proud of the new album and really excited for the actual line up, We are working very well together. Sleepers has fully satisfied us all, both for composition and execution. It was a more mature and intimate work, there was a need. Write music and lyrics, think to concept design are one of the the best things we do. So it’s always a good emotion have a long studio work finally out, printed in a cool digipack format, available on various digital platforms, and on streaming by bandcamp and spotify. Be on stage with a brand new tracklist will be motivating.


Tell us about the recording sessions you had in Cagliari. How was the process?

We started recording Sleepers right after a few demos. Giuseppe (a.k.a. Jolie Rouge, a great local rap artist) joined the process as a producer, doing an amazing job. DIY studio is also our rehearsal room and we play there 3-4 times a week with different bands, so we felt home and relaxed while recording and mixing.

As much as any other band out there, we have several tastes in music and mixing philosophies, so we spent weeks to clarify how we wanted Sleepers to sound. As for the mastering process, we all know Role from Die Tonmeisterei as he worked already with bands we play with / we’ve played with (RISE AFTER DEFEAT, CURSE THIS OCEAN) and for his amazing portfolio (ALPINIST, OMEGA MASSIF, JUNGBLUTH, etc) so it has been a natural decision to make.



Why “Sleepers”?

“Sleepers” is the perfect concept for the whole tracklist. It has several interpretations. We are living in a wild society where you have to run hardly to be into it, otherwise you’re kept out. Both sides have their moments of deep reflection, isolated from everything else as in sleep.

At the same time, we’re still dreaming about changing something. A talented friend, Jay aka “” inspired us with his sick urban collection called exactly “Sleepers”


What does the road from the cover art symbolise for you?

“The road on the cover art symbolises the course of events, the past behind and the future ahead. You don’t know what to expect, good or bad, you’ll only see an infinite undefined horizon. You could look for hope or desperation, the choice is yours. Or maybe it’s only a good picture eheh”

What made you stick to the Strikedown distribution with this new joint?

Strikedown means home to us, so it’s been a natural decision to make. Since Carlo has moved to London, we’re all playing his role together, sending demos, reviews, taking care of the merch, etc. Anyway , would be great to have different format of “Sleepers” by a different label out of Italy.

MY OWN PRISON live scream

Alright. Thanks a lot for your time. Feel free to wrap it up and tell us more about your future plans. Cheers!

Thank you man for your support. Of course, we’re setting up an european tour for the second half of June, and some local gig before. Can’t wait to be on the road again and play with sick bands in other countries. So be to the shows and support your local scene, we knew the best people in this way. Greets

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