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Cagliari hardcore pack REGROWTH release new video; comment on Coronavirus situation

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Right after our recent write-up on the lastest video from French melodic hardcore band WAKE THE DEAD, we’re pleased to give you another modern hardcore delivery in similar fashion, this time from our Cagliari, Italy based friends REGROWTH, previously featured in January. The new visualizer for the song “Wilt” is a high quality, symbolic offering that touches on our rather brutal relationship with Mother Nature.

The band explains:

We decided to put the fifth gear during this lockdown moment. “Wilt” is born as a live intro and readapted to be a complete song. We can say that lyrics talk about a letter from Earth to humanity, in which it reproaches us human beings for having done unspeakable things while we populated it. The idea for the video, produced by One Pint Productions, starts right here, from the lyrics, in which our actor interprets humanity which for the umpteenth time ignores any signal until it is literally wiped out so that nature can resume its course. We wanted to insert some rather evocative symbolisms such as gasoline (still used as the main fuel for our movements on wheels), a printed letter and well-kept clothes that symbolize too much man’s safety on the economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected local artists in a variety of ways, and sadly, Sardinia’s independent punk scene is no exception:

Unfortunately COVID19 it has also infected the wonderful world of music, especially the live one. We think that live shows are a moment of celebration, sharing and growth for everyone. Just thinking that you can meet so many people in a single show is exciting, not to mention how much a band has fun and is gratified in being able to bring their ideas and efforts in front of an audience, face to face. 2020 will probably not be a memorable year for live music as it will be very difficult to be able to return to our usual habits in the short term. For this reason we will mainly focus on gathering ideas and energies to release our full length.

The third edition of the Strikedown Fest took place in February and this year we had the honor of being able to give our contribution on stage. Needless to say, this edition was also fantastic and it was a nice way to remember Carlo, his creator. Sardinia has shown once again that it has a beautiful solid scene ready to continually churn out new projects and food for thought.

REGROWTH by Emanuela Giurano

COVID 19 has become a huge problem for everyone. A large number of people lost their lives during this pandemic. It is a frightening situation and it is almost difficult to metabolize what is going on. There are people constantly in danger, some were already before this period: they mean the least fortunate, those who are considered the least by society and in an emergency are even more at risk. In addition, the need to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus has also put difficulties for managers of premises, concert areas, promoters and all operators in the sector. Human lives and collective health come first. The cultural sector is on its knees, the shows and tours are canceled or postponed indefinitely and this will cause very serious economic damage.

We have a slew of bands to recommend and we promise that they will help you fight this surreal moment with the right charge: Riflesso, LastBreath, Dawnbringer, Il mare di ross, Delirio, Amesua, My own prison, Stigmatized, Quercia, Everything you sow, Sangue, Short Fuse, Moderntears’, What We Lost, No Care!, RAW, Mexoff, Thorn, Infall, Sputa, Rake-off, Choke Wire, Respect for Zero, Backflow, A fora de arrastu and many more.

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