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REGROWTH discuss Cagliari & Italian hardcore scene, new video and more!

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Born in 2016 and inspired by the new metalcore / melodic hardcore wave and the need to transform some ideas, fears, sensations and feelings into music, Cagliari based REGROWTH are gearing up to continue their work with a brand new album, coming up later this year. The band just premiered a new song and video called “Surfacing”, and we took the chance to sit down with them and get some more details about their work and the lovely hardcore scene of Cagliari.

Since 2018 we have worked to made our first record “This time I’m no longer alone“, a five-piece ep written by the original formation that was including our friend Damiano Prinzivalli. After the leaving of Damiano and the join of Lorenzo Mariani in the band we’ve start to write and record our new album that will be released in 2020. Besides this, we have had the pleasure of playing live on many occasions so far, since we have also been able to share the stage with many bands with which we have been able to establish a friendship.

Surfacing” is a fresh track that will be followed by our new record. It is an interpretation of the discomfort that can pervade in a person suffering from anxiety during a normal social interaction, in fact even the text is composed of disconnected sentences that indicate the lack of propensity to dialogue.

We have a lot of plans for 2020, a record almost ready to be released and a lot of shows on the program. The next one will be at the Strikedown Fest 2020 and it is truly electrifying. You will see some beautiful ones in this new year.

Cagliari hardcore

The hardcore scene of Cagliari is very interesting and full of beautiful musical proposals for all tastes. All bands are very active and constantly bring out the highest quality music. Lately there has been a rapprochement from many young people which has led to a rather positive wave in our opinion. There are many realities that travel in parallel lines, such as our collective (Deadship Crew), which wants to encompass various activities related to the world of music such as graphics, tattoo, videomaking, audio engineering etc … There is a great desire for redraft and a great desire to do something positive in this beautiful city.

Asked about the sadly passed persona of their local scene, musician, promoter, Carlo Articolo, founder of Strikedown Records and member of RISE AFTER DEFEAT and SCORNTHROATS, the band replied

We knew Carlo, albeit relatively recently. Some of us had the pleasure of being in the audience for the first edition of the Strikedown Fest and being able to observe and take example from Carlo’s dedication to this incredible reality. The Scornthroats’ songs, Carlo’s band, have always been part of our playlists. We also played at the pre-fest show last year and this year we will also be present on that stage. The passing of Carlo has certainly left us an enormous lesson that we will always carry with us: “nobody will be left behind”.

We literally have a slew of bands to recommend and we promise that they will help you fight this 2020 with the right charge: Riflesso, LastBreath, Dawnbringer, Il mare di ross, Delirio, Amesua, My own prison, Stigmatized, Quercia, Everything you sow, Sangue, Short Fuse, Moderntears’, What We Lost, No Care!, RAW, Mexoff, Thorn, Infall, Sputa, Rake-off, Choke Wire, Respect for Zero, Backflow, A fora de arrastu and many more.

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