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California noise funk / soul punks EASTER TEETH brighten your day with invigorating set of cover songs spanning from the 70s through 00s

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Our favorite funk rock duo from California, EASTER TEETH, has been on hiatus for almost 2 years, but now they’re back with sexy new full length of all cover songs. Opening with previously unveiled “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” by 70s duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, the album gives nod to a number of artists from 4 decades of music, and today we’re super stoked to give you its first full hearing below!

The new recording is given an extra boost of vibrancy thanks to the band’s ability blend organic rock with danceable grooves and it’s great to see them continue to alchemize their inimitable style with another vital release.

Most of these songs are ones we played live throughout our 10 years of gigging. So it is partly a chronicle of our life as a band. It is also partly just a chance for us to practice our skills in recording, mixing, mastering, artwork…we did it all totally DIY from the first note to the last upload.

Josh, in particular, has been infatuated with Hall & Oates for some time now. He insisted that we learn I Can’t Go For That. Who doesn’t love this song?! We originally were trying to find a friend to play the sax solo on a real saxophone, but then I [Tim] had the brilliant idea of using a kazoo instead. Anyone who’s seen us live knows about our briefcase full of little instruments. So the kazoo is in good company with the vibraslap, flexatone, tambourine, shakers, triangle, whistles, cowbells…

Art by Josh Eymann

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”1″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″ number_of_columns=”4″]Asked about the pandemic situation in Goleta, California and its impact on local music scene, the band replied:

Like everybody else, we’re pretty tired of this. But, really, this record would not have come together nearly as quickly, maybe not at all, if it weren’t for the coronavirus. The recording studio is the perfect place to self-isolate, and having this outlet to stay productive, be creative, and distract ourselves from all the chaos.

The scene in our town was dead long before the coronavirus, so it was just the final nail in the coffin really. We haven’t had a steady all-ages venue in town for years. And 1 of the meager 3 bars in downtown Santa Barbara that host rock shows had already closed down. It’s honestly been a good decade since our scene was any good.

Shout outs and bands worth a check

This is a year old, but probably new to a lot of people. Some buddies down in LA.

Here’s some other buddies in Denver. Friggin LOVE this album. Again, it’s from last year, but probably new to a lot of people – .

Easter Teeth is Tim Eymann (vocals, bass, Casio keyboard, tambourine, whistle, slide whistle, vibraslap, and flexatone) and Josh Eymann (vocals, drums, and cowbell). Kazoo solo on I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) and background banter on Bounce Rock Skate Roll by Stacey Eymann. Additional background banter on Bounce Rock Skate Roll by Melody and Charles Eymann. Recorded by Tim and Josh Eymann. Mixed by Tim Eymann. Mastered by Tim Eymann. Β© 2020 No Guitar No Problem. Released by On The Attack Records.

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