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CALLIGRAM – “Bed of Nails” video

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London dark, d-beat/metallic hardcore act CALLIGRAM have premiered a new music video for their song “Bed Of Nails”, coming from their new EP “Demimonde”, also available for streaming below. With these guys’ debut record already standing as monument, it only means there’s potential for even better things to come. “Demimonde” has definitely blew us out of the water. Check it out below and grab your copy via Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

The band’s guitarist Tim Desbos commented for Metal Hammer magazine:

“Bed Of Nails is our take on the serial killer Marc Dutroux story. We wrote the story through one of his victims’ eyes and gave it a vengeful ending a la Sin City, in which the girl gets her own back.”


“Evoking images of despair and terror, and obvious nods to the likes of Trap Them and Young And In The Way, it’s a foot-through-the-floor bulldozer of violence.” – Metal Hammer

“Calligram have created something special on ‘Demimonde’ – a masterwork of blackened hardcore that stands up against any of the band’s more well-known contemporaries. Though only five songs long, it contains enough substance that it satisfies despite the short running time. If the band can sustain this level of bleak intensity over the length of a full album, we may be looking at one of the most defining bands to ever crawl out of the blackened hardcore crypt.” – Punktastic

“London quintet Calligram lays waste to the city with blackened, metallic punk fury.” – Metal Trenches

“The verdict? Well, if you’re into extreme metal, you really want to check it out. On ‘Worms’, Barbarian Swords drag the best parts of their influences into their music. The end result is a massive album, as old school as it is modern and as suffocating as it is immersive. No wonder this thing comes highly recommended. So check it out, play it loud and join me in hoping Barbarian Swords will soon tour Europe with this stuff.” – Merchants Of Air

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