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Canadian metalcore act COUNTERPARTS teasing 6th album; premiere new single “Separate Wounds”

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Canadian metalcore giants COUNTERPARTS are giving fans another taste of what’s to come from their 6th full-length album today with the premiere of “Separate Wounds”. The track showcases the band’s unique ability to combine unique progressive guitar riffs alongside impassioned vocals and heavy hitting rhythm lines.

“Separate Wounds” is the second single from the band’s forthcoming record, “Nothing Left To Love”. Due out November 1 via Pure Noise Records, the album muses on many of the topics vocalist Brendan Murphy has in the past: life’s darkness, self-destructive tendencies and the self-flagellation they beget.

“I know I’ve said this for every record we’ve ever released…” shares Murphy “But ‘Nothing Left to Love’ is best Counterparts record…If you fuck with the band you’ll probably love it, and if you don’t then maybe we’ve finally honed our craft enough for you to give a shit”.

Song lyrics:

Numbing the nerve endings in my arms to endure a vain embrace. Exhausted by the light leaving our eyes. Our leap of faith will lead us to a bed of blades. Remove the skin and reveal to me the likeness of a ghost as teardrops find their way towards my throat. Our leap of faith will lead us to a bed of blades, descending from the heaven we created in our heads. We both bleed, but out of separate wounds. Not meant to mend a different breed of broken. Pulling the cure out of the suffering themselves. We are two different breeds of broken. I’d sooner die with the deserted than coexist amidst feigned love. Bringing your hands towards the sky and expecting me to cast myself down.

Produced by Will Putney (Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain), “Nothing Left To Love” shows the band moving their uniquely captivating sound forward without losing the musical DNA that broke them back in the early 2010s. It’s a musical tour through the band’s history, as more melodic elements sharply swerve into caustic breakdowns reminiscent of their debut album, 2010’s “Prophets”.

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This time around, the singer is writing not just about the end result but also the because, willing to shoulder some of the blame more than he ever has in the past. It’s easy to point the finger at others for the harm they’ve caused us; it’s far harder to accept that the root might lie at the opposite end of that hand.

“My perspective [on what happened in my life] has changed so much, even in just a few years,” Murphy says. “It’s a terrible spot to be in, but some of my best material creatively came from me just being willing to admit things out loud”.

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