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CAPSIZE – “Weight” video

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CAPSIZE have put out a new music video for their brand new song “Weight”. The band is currently writing their new album and to be hitting the studio in October.

Grab the song for free below!


I can’t escape this feeling
That no one can see the things I’m seeing

I’ve been pushed aside
I’ve been outcasted
Please not another day
In this place I’m in
I was left to die
With the left behind
Do you feel the pain
Burning in my eyes
I know it’s not bad luck
Just no one gives a fuck
and I can’t see past this moment
The lonely feelings overtake me
As I let the pain just fucking break me
Let it fucking take me

So now I’m fucking sinking
Every day
Lower and lower
It’s the same old feeling
Another year
Over and over

Lower and Lower

How much loss does it take for a winner to accept defeat
How much weight does it take to break the spine of a man on his feet

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