Chad Gerber readying his new album

Chad Gerber is currently in the process of working on his newest record “Woodrowgerber” set to release next year. He typically front a hard rock band called THE SUICIDE DENIAL, but has worked in hip hop, folk, electronica, and a few other genres. This new record is his first indie electronic/ urban pop record, and he’s fusing it with visual art, film, books, and hopefully live theater.

Chad “Woodrow” Gerber is an American guitarist/songwriter/producer/composer/vocalist from Los Angeles, CA who has released 6 studio albums under different bands and project titles since 1998. Chad has toured the US extensively since 2000, performed on NPR\’s A Prairie Home Companion live to 5 million + listeners, toured with the 2011 Vans Warped Tour, worked with multiplatinum selling artist Aloe Blacc, producer Aaron Marsh, Guns N\’ Roses alumni Teddy Andreadis, along with many other talented musicians and artists. His music receives radio airplay in the US, UK, AU, and South America.
Chad is currently working on his new album WoodrowGerber set to release in 2013 incorporating high quality short films and videos scored by WoorowGerber and or using music from the WoodrowGerber record.

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