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Chaotic hardcore band INFALL share new video for “Spring Peace”

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INFALL, the chaotic hardcore band from Italy, have released a new music video for “Spring Peace“, which is a track from their latest album “Far“. The album was recorded in July 2021 at Vacuum Studio in Bologna by Enrico Baraldi and was mixed by Kurt Ballou from Converge at God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York mastered the album in November and December 2021.

“Far” is a unique blend of hardcore, grind, math, and post hardcore. With its organic, natural, and unedited production capturing the essence of the band’s live performances, it represents the rawest and darkest version of the band’s sound.

The album explores the theme of distance in various forms. It begins with a memory of someone undergoing pain therapy, highlighting the infinite distance that can exist between people who are seemingly close. Each song represents different types of distance, such as social, cultural, ideological, religious, and even the distance an individual feels from themselves.

The final part of the album tells a local story of a man who embarks on a journey to cope with the loss of his wife. However, the journey ultimately leads to his decision to end his own life, leaving behind a void that is filled with miles but empty of himself.

The album was released in November 2022 by Controcanti Produzioni, Mothership Records, Fresh Outbreak Records, Itawak Records, Tomb Tree Tapes and Flames Don’t Judge Prod.


For fans of: Converge, Botch, Mastodon, The Secret, Breach, Norma Jean

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