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Chaotic metallic hardcore band CLOUDBURST release new tracks

Indonesian metallic hardcore devil CLOUDBURST is back with yet another new single from their new record, to be released in late October. Check out both “Madness Touch” and previously released “Restless Piledriver” below. This soul shattering record will without a doubt demolish all of your fortifications violently. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.


Cut you with my tongue
to fuck the open wound
The circus will not stop
to twitching with my dolls
She’s just smiling with her shotgun smile


You hate me I hate you
It’s not love
It’s just fuck and screw
Leave me be
Paint your spray
I can’t stop this chill
Give me another pill

You had me
You made your way
I like to get your pussy ate
Desire, here to stay
It never ends for me
Cut and bleeding black

Bleeding black

I’m too far gone
I can’t be saved
Your grip’s too strong
Close to the sun

I can’t stop this chill
Give me another pill

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