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Charred – GIANT GUTTER FROM OUTER SPACE returns in a blistering new style!

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Just one month away from their recent quite conservative single premiere, Brazilian experimental jazz / avant-garde / math / noise rock duo GIANT GUTTER FROM OUTER SPACE are back with a proper validation of their name, a wild, synth filled unearthly tune that draws from the typically twisted sound a new, otherworldly texture. How come? Listen above and see for yourself!

Enigmatically explained as having something to do with the traumatic experiences of past violences, “Charred Memories” LP is just as revitalizing for the listener as it sounds for the artist, and will be released on February 1st by the Brasilian net label Sinewave, UK based HNM Records, MuteAnt Sounds net label (US), and Finnish label Terranean Recordings.

Credits: recorded and mastered by Murillo Da Rós at Clínica Pro Music, Curitiba, Brazil / Mixed by Murillo Da Rós and Giant Gutter From Outer Space / Modular synthesizer composed and performed by Fernando Nahtaivel / Design and Artwork by Cesinha Marin.

Giant Gutter


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