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Columbia, SC instrumental post rock band PAN recently released their debut full-length entitled “These Are the Things I Love and I Want to Share Them With You”.

Often compared to Explosions in the Sky, Pan is a primarily instrumental band that focuses on writing uplifting music for the masses. Post-Rock is the genre most likely to pigeonhole Pan, but their goals are to transcend genre itself and instead present a concept of immersive musical fulfillment. Post-Post Rock? You may not be far off. We hope you enjoy.

Pan released their debut EP, POST ROCK IS NOT DEAD, in 2011. Their full length LP, THESE ARE THE THINGS I LOVE AND I WANT TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU was released on March 7, 2012.

“These Are the Things I Love and I Want to Share Them With You” promo video:

“Columbia’s Pan boasts Post Rock is Not Dead on its new EP. The music backs up the claim: Explosions in the Sky acolytes will love the group’s soaring walls of textured guitars, but its tremendous energy will sweep up rock fans of other stripes as well.” — J. Lawrence, Free Times Newspaper

“This 7-song ep is sweet, simple and easy on the ears. Initially, I was frustrated at the lack of vocals, but, in the end, it wins hearts. The title couldn’t be more fitting – Janey Criss –

“An amazing middle ground between the ebullient, effortlessly fun sounds of Fang Island with the grandiose sounds of obvious touchstones Explosions In The Sky – and there isn’t much in the way of grandstanding, posturing or pilfering to be found. Its a solid release all round, and seeing as I love me my instrumentals, that is an infinitely good thing!” – Sonic Masala –
“Lead by a twin guitar onslaught and fortified by an airtight rhythm section, the band resists the urge to fill every moment with a barrage of notes, opting instead to explore tension and release to great effect, as Pan’s songs drift from epic passages of sublime beauty to crushing assaults of melodic intensity. — Mike Jones, WUSC Radio

“Aggressive guitar melodies abound in Pan’s uptempo tunes, less grayscale panoramas than they are hyper-saturated Holga snapshots.” — Patrick Wall, Free Times Newspaper

“t’ll make you feel triumphant about anything you want.” –

PAN live:

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