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Chicago heavyweights MAL INTENT sign with Powertrip Records; streaming new track!

Chicago based heavy hardcore/metal hybrid MAL INTENT have just inked a deal with German thrashy hardcore label Powertrip Records. To celebrate, the band brings in a large portion of destruction in the form of their new track called ‘Protect With Force’. Listen below and stay tuned for more news soon!


Our cries silent

Perceptions of you only led to one word
Time ends when you speak
Segregation spewing from your jaws

Hate brought back to life
Discrimination lurks in Americas air
you ride the success or your predecessors ?Tell us you drink the blood of Christ ?
Your ideologies made up of shit
Keep yourself at a distance or you’ll soon catch a bullet
In between your eyes
Use religion to its only advantage
To gain power to feed greed
Control is at our throats

The band commented on the track:

Here’s the new Mal Intent For the people who prefer YouTube. I find it harder and harder to find bands that aren’t afraid to speak up against things they disagree with. People are afraid to voice their opinion, for what? I read somewhere that “it’s easier to make a joke about something rather than stand for something”. Speak out on whatever platform you see fit. Whether it be filming, social media or in this case music, use it. Racism continues to plague our existence, when will enough be enough. The violence will continue in order for people to protect themselves against the wrongs they have been dealt.


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