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Chilean free jazz / noise / punk act MANUAL DE COMBATE meditate on the nature of the essence of contrary sounds

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Initially formed as a bass and drum duo five years ago in Santiago de Chile, MANUAL DE COMBATE (featured IDIOTEQ in 2017) evolved to a quartet with drums, trumpet and saxophone, which allowed transforming their already captivating ideas into even more engaging and adventurous narratives. “Mapas Auténticos del Mundo Imaginario. Mapas Imaginarios del Mundo Real” marks their most exploratory offering and strentches beyond the 35-minute mark, containing a wealth of new material worth your time. We sat down with the band to give you some more details behind it and give you a quick rundown of each and every of the experimental tracks.

We have had the possibility of traveling and nurturing ourselves with experiences both in Chile and in other parts of the world. We believe that this has also intervened a lot in the current sound of the band.

We work on our new album throughout the year 2019, the compositions are a bit more risky than the previous albums and have to do with the current situation in Chile. Musically we incorporate a wind duo, that is: trumpet and saxophone. In general we can say that the concept of the album is developed through the lyrics of all the songs and has to do with the idea of imaginary maps, which connect us (or move us away) more and more from the possibility of experiencing from our Feel, experiment with the possibility of real

The scene in Santiago and in general in Chile is quite nourished in terms of punk, hardcore and experimental music. We consider we are lucky to share with so many good bands and independent circuit projects. In addition to this, during this year we have been involved in solidarity and benefits activities in order to strengthen the social revolution that is happening right now.


Deus Ex Machina II/A: desencuentro

The first song that opens the album was initially intended as an interlude and from that we were able to develop the idea, it has voice collaboration from a very close friend, who could contribute to this, it is an intense song and that we believe can condense part of what is currently happening in Chile.

Deus Ex Machina II/B: desespero

This song is the fastest on the album and we believe that the one that encompasses the main concept, also has vocal collaborations and was advanced as a single.

Fiume 1918/A, Fiume 1918/B, Fiume 1918/C

These 3 songs fully develop and generalize what is mainly the album, a conceptual idea and musical viscerality with some subtleties that have to do with the sampler we use and wind arrangements, we really enjoy when we play it live.


This song was the first one we composed for this album, it is also very important as it contains many variations that allowed us to consolidate this formation in terms of creation, we sincerely like it very much and we enjoy it minute by minute when we can play or rehearse.


Asked about their future plans and live schedule, the band commented:

We have scheduled a very intense tour of Chile and Argentina with the band “Lanzallamas” of Barcelona, with them we will share and also schedule the new split edition.

Other bands worth a check

I answer this on a personal level, I really like the work that historical bands have done in Chile, such as “Marcel Duchamp“, “Diablo” or “Supersordo“, and at the international level I follow the Latin American scene very closely, I pay close attention to what our team is doing environment, especially bands of friends, colleagues and close.

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