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SORESPOT blends distorted pop with subtle vocal melodies on their new absorbing LP “Gifts Of Consciousness”

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Boston’s Midnight Werewolf Records have teamed up with Chicago based noisy, fuzzy, pop alt rockers SORESPOT for a new exciting LP, “Gifts of Consciousness”, recorded at home by the band over a random span of time between 2017 and 2019. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in 2019, the record is finally ready to be spread around and we’re pleased to share you the first listen below! Check it out, pre-order HERE and grab your copy on April 3rd via Midnight Werewolf Records.

“Gifts of Consciousness was recorded over a two and a half year period at two different locations (both in houses we live/lived in) in Chicago, IL. After finally getting everything tracked after various member changes, we are all ready to share this record with the world. It’s concept is simple; witness and acknowledge the things wrong in your life, and move on from them peacefully with confidence. The title itself was taken from an interview with someone who had died, and was then brought back. Gifts of Consciousness to me means that everything, whether good or bad, is a gift to your consciousness to help you learn and grow. Lyrically we mostly fixate on situations that bring us anger or discomfort, although there are also songs that incorporate feeling thankful or finally understanding a situation we went through. No matter what we write about though, we try to end it with optimism. The song “Meet You” though, that song is specifically about meeting Big Foot and becoming buds with it.”


Sorespot was started by Maggie and Josh back in 2014. It started as just a project band which just recorded demos at home. All past members of the band are directly family members or very close friends.

After spending the first two years figuring out how we wanted to sound and then how to properly recreate that live, we started playing more shows. The current line up (Maggie, Josh, Tommy, and Max) has seen the most activity. Future plans are focused on writing and releasing more material, and touring when ever we are able to. Currently, we have a short weekend tour booked with our buds Cheap Vacation:

4/2 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bliss
4/3 Milwaukee, WI @ Tsunami
4/4 Champaign, IL @ Rose Bowl Tavern
4/5 St. Louis @ Sink Hole

On Chicago alt scene:

The scene in Chicago is pretty diverse. I feel like as long as people who are interested in the scene live here, it will thrive. Punk, pop punk, hardcore, grind, noise, indie, ambient, I could probably go on. What I really have always loved about this area is seeing people grow and acquire other styles of playing music, no matter the genre. Talent is seemingly endless here. So aside from it being a diverse scene, it’s equally as active.

Scope these bands:

Cheap Vacation, WIG, Staring Problem, Permanent Residue, Sonny Falls, Holy Family, Stay Asleep, Sick/Tired, Liquids, CB Radio Gorgeous, Two Houses, Flesh Panthers, High Priests, Magia Nuda, Rash, Snuffed, Salvation

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