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CITYLIGHTS – “Champion” video

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The single is taken from CITYLIGHTS‘ latest EP called “Hydra”, released by the band on September 15th last year. Listen to the full record below – it connects soo easily. Go!


Where have you been? Where have you been?

Each era brings new big mouth
Born with a snake tongue
Ready to bite
Spitting hundred poisoned words at a time
Rat intentions, vicious protean mind
That’s who you are..
Always the one with the biggest load around
You´re big load of bullshit that bothers my kind

A million weightless words
We´ve grown accustomed to
Ignoring all passing noise
We´re dulled, We´re deaf
Please save your breath
The next time you’re here to impress Humility, that speaks to me

Gab champ, where have you been?
All these moments that called for your speech
I didn´t hear your confident voice
Not a word
Not a word escaped your mouth to oppose

4 guys from Prague, 4 pairs of hands, 4 heads, 8 legs. Punk rock mixed with hardcore with a bit of r’n’r on top. They are no rookies they have been active since 2009 and in 2013 made their breakthrough with the single Sugar Hill and last year with the first single taken from their latest EP called Hydra (released on Sep 15, 2014 DYI) – Not A Home. Because of the very positive feedback, the band has decided to create a black and white lyric video. The pair of eyes and clever mind behind this is again Igor Zacharov (directed both Sugar Hill and Not A Home) and the postproduction was done by Honza Kuchar. Citylights have been working with the clothing brand Cult Of The Road and also with the urban clothing e-shop
Citylights have been touring Czech Republic and Slovakia extensively and for this year they are planning to visit more EU countries during their EU tour in Autumn.
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