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CODE ORANGE shows “What Is Really Underneath” in new short film and AR game

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Following a week of anticipation and teasing, Code Orange has recently unveiled their latest creation, “What Is Really Underneath?“. This album serves as a companion to their critically acclaimed 2020 release, “Underneath“, and features a combination of remixes and soundtrack pieces that build upon the themes of the previous album. Additionally, the new release offers exclusive and previously unreleased companion tracks that further expand upon the musical universe of “Underneath“. Fans can stream the album on various digital platforms right now and check out the 14-minute documentary, a short film directed by Balderose, which focuses on the character “Mudman” that was first introduced in Code Orange’s 2017 music video for “The Mud.”

In addition to the new collection, there is also an augmented reality (AR) game that can be played on desktop or mobile devices. The game is designed as a complex maze of interactive elements, puzzles, challenges, and hidden surprises, providing players with a variety of clickable objects, secret codes, and Easter eggs to explore and discover.

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