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COKE BUST touring Europe! Streaming new track off their new split with DESPISE YOU!

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Washington, D.C.’s most ferocious grind hardcore punks COKE BUST are hitting European roads tomorrow! The band will be joined by their Sao Paulo friends SEM HASTRO and will visit 11 cities. All dates are detailed below. The band will have their new split 7″ with DESPISE YOU on Bones Brigade and To Live A Lie Records (interviewed at this location), so be prepared for a huge kick to the balls. Pre-order the new record here or here and see the details of their Euro trek below.

Photo by Gary Go.

The band offered the following about the release and its meaning”

Here’s one of the new songs off the split 7″ with Despise You – “CLOSING THE NET” – The consolidation of power and the removal of wealth with the players at the table with their cards already dealt. Closing the net to eliminate deviation. Lobbying for submission and total assimilation. False prophets representing nothing but lies. We cheer ourselves on as we march to our demise. Subsidized slaughter in factory farms.

Cutting us in half and giving our arms to the czars. Absence of accountability for offshore radiation. The bodies are the means in monetized exploitation. In this race to the bottom it’s just fucking pain. Control the population cus’ there won’t be nothing to gain. We try to give ourselves rights and all we do is complain. We’re disposable components and we’re all just the same…. so fuck them and fuck you.

To Live A Lie Records commented:

TLAL started more than ten years ago with a split 7″ consisting of an old West Coast powerviolence band whose first release dated back to 1995 and a newer generation band who had been directly influenced by the other one. Fast forward ten years and we are here presenting you with a split of a similar nature and just as much aggression and ferocity. To Live A Lie humbly presents a split between one of the most important and continually relevant powerviolence bands today, DESPISE YOU, and DC’s furious straight-edge blast-laiden hardcore punk outfit, COKE BUST. It is an honor to put two of my favorite bands on a slab of vinyl together. Label exclusive funfetti vinyl plus a poster and a sticker from each band will only be available mailorder and for a limited time. 200 funfetti aka multi-color splatter in clear vinyl with band stickers (sold out), 200 monochrome splatter in clear vinyl (band only) with band stickers, 600 black vinyl (this). All copies come with a killer poster.


European tour:


Wed. 07.06.2017 Eindhoven -NL
Thur. 08.06.2017 Mannheim – Juz
Fri. 09.06.2017 Milan
Sat. 10.06.2017 Ljubljana – Mknž Ilirska Bistrica
Sun. 11.06.2017 Vienna
Mon. 12.06.2017 Leipzig
Tues. 13.06.2017 Poland
Wed. 14.06.2017 Berlin
Thur. 15.06.2017 Hamburg – Hafenklang(Ktown warmup)
Fri. 16.06.2017 Copenhagen (man) – KTOWN
Sat. 17.06.2017 Kiel – Alte Meierei (Kiel Explode Fest)

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