COLDBURN, MALFUNCTION and HARM/SHELTER touring Europe in March 2016!

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Leipzig hardcore band COLDBURN are teaming up with HARM / SHELTER from Giessen and Buffalo, NY’s MALFUNCTION for a European tour this coming March! Ask for free dates between March 4th and 17th via [email protected], see the upcoming 2015 Winter shows by COLDBURN and stay tuned for more details soon!


Coldburn is a hardcore band from Leipzig, Germany. They started off in the end of 2009 and released their demo in 2010 via Powetrip Records. After a bunch of shows their EP ,Hybris’ was released by worship records in 2011, which was a huge step towards a standing in the European hardcore scene. In September 2012 they released their first full length called “The Harsh Fangs Of Life” which was released via Cobra Records (Vinyl) and BDHW Rec.(CD). Following the release of this record the band was signed to the Roster of Avocado Booking in 2013 and played from 2013 to 2014 several tours in mainland Europe and UK, multiple festivals and a lot of shows.

Their sound could be described as the old school way of dark and heavy hardcore in a modern habit.

COLDBURN Winter Shows!

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