GRAND DÉTOUR 2016 tour dates

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Toulon, France’s experimental / instrumental post hardcore’ish math rockers have announced they will be touring Europe and North America next year! See the details below and head over here to check out their extensive interview feature released exclusively for IDIOTEQ.

Tour Dates:

28.11.15, FRANCE, Bordeaux @ Les lectures aléatoires (Event FB en cliquant ICI)
29.01.16, ITALY, Savona @ Raindog’s house
30.01.16, ITALY, Genova @ TBA
19.02.16, FRANCE, À L’AIDE !!!
20.02.16, FRANCE, Caen @ TBC

23.04.16, USA, New york
24.04.16, USA, Philadelphia
25.04.16, USA, Baltimore
26.04.16, USA, Pittsburgh
27.04.16, USA, Colombus
28.04.16, USA, Cincinnati
29.04.16, USA, Nashville
30.04.16, USA, Bloomington
01.05.16, USA, Chicago
02.05.16, USA, Day off
03.05.16, USA, Grand rapids
04.05.16, USA, Detroit
05.05.16, CAN, Toronto
06,05.16, CAN, Montréal

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