Compassion and unity – an interview with mathcore act FERO LUX!

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Heralded as insanely inventive and technical, the newest record from Florida based chaotic hardcore / mathcore machine FERO LUX successfully manages to complicate the formula created by the pioneers like THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN or CONVERGE years ago. Embracing a solid dose of more melodious writing, FERO LUX do not diminish the impact of the punishing, highly energetic sound, which, I believe, is not operating at the peak of its powers yet. With lyrics soundly affected by political and social issues, it was inevitable that I should interview this band. Our discussion about Russia, the US government, its foreign policy, American media and more can be found below.

Words by the band’s guitarist and vocalist Dave. Top photo by Javan. Crowd photo by Matt Stokes.

Hello there! Thanks a lot for taking some time with IDIOTEQ. How are you? How does it feel to have the LP finally out? What feedback have you guys received so far?

Hi, Im Dave (guitar). I’m good! Feels great to finally have it released. A lot of positive feedback. It’s been unreal!

The first track of the record was inspired by Russia’s vicious rally through Ukraine. I’ve been discussing this subject with various artists (here , here, here , here , here, here) and the issue is indeed worth a lot more mentions than it actually gets. How was this conflict viewed in your national media?

It was a topic of discussion in the news here, but the way our media operates, its less than informative. American media is all about entertainment and making sure you don’t get involved, though I do appreciate that our media named Russia from the start. We are fortunate to have a means of getting real information elsewhere, being that our internet is not regulated.

What do you think was the role of world’s organizations and other countries in resolving the Ukraine conflict and why it hasn’t been not adopted? Do you think there are leaders, who can effectively oppose such actions?

Russia doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks. I’m not entirely sure that the other world leaders did actually make anything happen. Lots of sanctions were thrown around, particularly by the U.S. and Western nations. There followed a fairly steep downturn in the Russian economy, but Russia is still holding control of the Crimean peninsula. It’s hard to say those sanction were effective. But they did hit Russia where American leaders think it hurts the most, in the wallet. Our leaders only seem to do anything “effective” when there is a financial angle. It’s never fully about moral obligation. The whole move on Crimea is out of greed in my view. Putin is securing his hold on oil in the region, which sounds like something America would do, but we usually justify it with some manufactured moral obligation. It’s like Russia just said, “To hell with an excuse , let’s just take it.” It was carried out under the veil of nationalism – reclaiming Russian land, uniting Russian speaking people for his “New Russia”. You know, typical, frightening, fascist, imperialistic behavior.

What do you think is the real logic of The US government and what’s behind its real foreign policy?

Financial angles and military strategy – to keep our military industries rich and better control the flow of resources. American imperialism is not dead. Greed and personal thirst for power have corrupted the American political system. Many, if not most, of our politicians are bought. But there has been a growing movement for policies to reduce the influence of money in our political system. It’s not going to be an easy fight.



What conclusions do you draw from such terrible happenings and other shocking stories you’ve decided to cover in your tracks?

The only hope we have is unity. Might sound cliche, but it’s the truth. The only way we can pull out of this is to unite and be compassionate. But let’s not sugarcoat the issues. We speak blatantly and hope that inspires compassion and unity.

Why not just write a book? :)

We did! It’s called “No Rest”, and then yelled it over music. It’s like books on tape! haha

Ok, but seriously, is there a danger for the next generation as far as not knowing about such stuff happening all over the world? Are you concerned about the knowledge of you listeners? Was it at least a part of the case when deciding to write these lyrics?

I personally think that information here in the USA is easily obtainable as long as you avoid the television. It’s too easy to find politicians flip flopping and lying. It’s easy to learn how our primaries are somewhat rigged and that our current campaign finance system was built for the rich to protect solely their interests and repeatedly elect those who would do so. Next election won’t be this chaotic. But, if information is going to be free then there have to be lots of distractions. And that’s a problem in American. Even when these issues are right in front of us, a click or a few key strokes away, is anyone looking? We can inspire people to research and decide on their own. Use their heads. The word is out and the movement is on its way still.


Back to the record, can you share some thoughts on the artwork? It seems beyond reality, but is there any specific situation or metaphor that inspired you?

We told an artist to listen to the album and make a cover. The title is ” No Rest” and the art reflects that in my view. Animals as commodities and slaves, and betraying women seem to be a huge part of my enemy’s financial gains.

How do you feel about the modern digital times and the collision of many new opportunities and easy living with the scary nature of this transformations of our habits?

We don’t interact enough. Funny thing you ask this because I just got rid of my smartphone and went back to a flip phone. I talk to people more now. I don’t just show them a meme or a funny video on my phone. Its convenience, distractions, and its dumbing down the population. There’s no money in well informed interactive, happy individuals. So keep them glued to convenience and habit.

Ok guys, back to your music, you have experimented with saxophone in 2 of the tracks I believe? Will there be more progressive and cross-genre blends in your future compositions? Did you like the final effect and the feeling it brought?

It wasn’t to cross any genres on purpose. We just thought it sounded great! We have no intention of doing it or not doing it. When we get there we’ll decide. We did like the results and if we feel a song calls for it again we will definitely do it.

FERO LUX live by Matt fuckin' Stokes

What is your plan for the future of FERO LUX then?

We have shows and tours in the works right now. Plans to record more music later this year.

By the way, why FERO LUX?

Why vegan biscuits and gravy? Because they’re delicious and compassionate? Or because cash rules everything around me, cream get the money, dollar dollar bill y’all? Or because we love the hotel, which we have never been to? Maybe just Satan.

Haha. Fair enough.

Lastly, the big question. Apart from other musicians, where do you derive your influence?

Suffering, love, family, friendship, abuse, fear, politics, social issues, wanting everyone to remember laughing and loving more than anything in their last breaths.

Ok guys, thank you very much! I really appreciate your time and precious thoughts. Take care, good luck with the band and cheers from Poland!

Thanks!! and the same to you over there!!

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