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GOD MOTHER blessing our ears with a new crushing tune

GOD MOTHER comprises four persons with different musical backgrounds who together strive to create the heaviest and best noise possible. Armed with a record shelf full of bands like Rotten Sound, Nasum, Entombed, Black Flag, Converge, Gaza, and the Melvins they started to create music influenced by hardcore punk and the heritage of swedish death metal, grindcore and sludge. Beginning to take shape in late 2012, they started playing together in a cramped basement in Stockholm, Sweden. So far four releases has been made, two trips around Europe played and a blast through Central America where they left a trail of broken eardrums, whiplash injuries and destroyed microphones as the first Swedish hardcore band to make it there. Grinding guitars. Wrenching vocals. Dirty bass lines. Drum beats that break you. ARTEMIS have perfected their own brand of chaotic hardcore – a raw and energetic cacophony underlaid with off-kilter grooves. The new tracks represent a natural progression showcasing the bands most furious moments to date. This will be ARTEMIS’ final new music release.

Photo: GOD MOTHER live in South Africa, by The Metalist.

For fans of Converge, The Chariot, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Bastions, Poison the Well, Cancer Bats, Intronaut, Genghis Tron, Employed To Serve etc.

Chariot Of Black Moth produced this amazing video teaser for the split:
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