“Concede”: emoviolence act PIET ONTHEL discusses their exploration of everyday sadness

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The air is tinged with anticipation as Piet Onthel, a project that began as a one-man army and has now morphed into a collective, unveils their latest single, “Concede.” At first glance, this single—part of their upcoming mini-album “a reverse farewell”—stands as an emotional harbinger, preparing us for the full auditory journey that lies ahead. With lyrics navigating the landscape of existential despair and life’s occasional futility, “Concede” seems like a paradox: the shortest track on the new LP, yet steeped in emotional density.

“This song contains the most somber lyrics as they tell the story of a person surrendering to the sadness in everyday life. It’s one of our favorites when playing live because of its fast and intense nature but at the same time it still maintains the flavors of emotional and sadness.” – comments Mashi.

Prior recordings of Piet Onthel were the solitary effort of Mashimierul, but this EP marks a pivotal transition. Not only has the band decided to expand their lineup to include Iba, Farid, Qid, Apis, and Mashi, but they also bring a collaborative energy to the project, making it their first release as a complete ensemble.

The entire EP, expected to drop in early October 2023, will be available in cassette format in Malaysia and 10″ vinyl in America. This material juxtaposition alone speaks to the blend of old and new, of locality and universality, a subtle yet deliberate choice that echoes the band’s evolving sonic identity.

Piet Onthel

Adding another layer of refinement to their work, “Concede” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mokhtarizal of Iseekmusic Studio. The choice of production venue and the tactility of the formats—cassette and vinyl—show a certain level of commitment to audio quality, a nod to the purists among us.

As the band gears up for a tour in September to promote their upcoming LP, the release of “Concede” serves multiple purposes. It acts as a promotional vanguard for the album, a strategic drop that hints at the larger narrative structure of “a reverse farewell.” And as they tour, for the first time as an ensemble rather than a solo act, one can’t help but consider this a mini-adventure—a test of their new dynamic and a taste of what’s to come.

“The release of ‘Concede’ boosts our mini-adventure that starts this September. It’s a peek into what to expect from ‘a reverse farewell.'” – confirms Mashi.

Piet Onthel

When evaluating Piet Onthel’s trajectory, the concept of growth looms large—not merely in terms of band members but in the thematic depth and emotional nuance of their work. While it’s easy to lean into hyperbole when discussing new releases, “Concede” invites a quieter form of reflection. It is a fast-paced yet emotionally complex track that seems to encapsulate the band’s journey thus far, a journey that, if this single is anything to go by, promises to be steeped in emotional authenticity and more and more complex craftsmanship.

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