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“Control” – Michigan hardcore pack NO WAY TO LIVE premiere new track!

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Two years since their powerful debut “No Way To Live“, Lansing, Michigan’s emotional, explosive hardcore punk crew NO WAY TO LIVE are back with a new track called “Control”, the first single off their debut LP, We All Suffer, to be released April 6th, 2018, and we’re stoked to give you its first listen below!

Between playing in bands (Of Virtue, Homelife, Thrashing in the Streets), recording, booking and attending shows these guys have all been involved in the hardcore community for over 15 years, and their new offering is the result of their hard work and dedication, which literally drips from their sound. “Control” serves as an itchy, infectious return, and it leaves the listener hungry for more.

We All Suffer was self-recorded and self-produced including all the art and visuals. The initial release will be available on CD and all digital outlets out on Smog Moon Recordings with a vinyl release later in the year.

Control is about a power struggle both externally and internally. It is the realization of how much influence we have as individuals while still feeling helpless and that we can’t make a difference.


NO WAY TO LIVE will be playing this year’s Motor City Fest in Detroit, MI with Advent, Freedom, Sand, and more on July 14th and will be playing dates around the Midwest throughout the year.


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