COOL YOUR JETS sign with Seventh Dagger Records

Seventh Dagger Records has recently signed Salt Lake City, Utah’s COOL YOUR JETS.

The label commented:

These guys released one of my favorite records and then called it a day way to early. Singer Blake Foard has revamped the line up with dedicated members and are steady working on their next record! Add their new Facebook page and welcome them back!

Here’s a review of their first show ever.

Here’s the official word about the band:

Hailing from Salt Lake City, a hardcore scene made famous in the mid 90’s by the media for its violence, we have Cool Your Jets, ready to challenge every negative notion they presented about this incredible hardcore scene and city.
Formed from the ashes of Aftermath of a Trainwreck (New Age Records), these five kids are bringing what is definitely missed in today’s commercialized hardcore scene. In this time where hardcore is more about marketing plans, hollow posturing, and big business, Cool Your Jets are here to remind us that it is still about the music, passion and integrity of the underground hardcore scene.
Cool Your Jets is something from the heart, five individuals brought together to show that hardcore can still be positive and fun. With their passion for straightedge and traditional hardcore music, Cool Your Jets is here to unite hardcore kids together, one show at a time.
 With a sound and energy reminiscent of an older style of hardcore, Ala Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, and Youth Of Today, Cool Your Jets builds on the road these bands paved while adding one element they were always lacking, sincerity. Now that you have a little bit of insight to what Cool Your Jets is all about, get ready to witness the REAL rebirth of hardcore pride! 


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