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Copenhagen chaotic hardcore band ÉGLISE release farewell EP

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Over a year after their stunning self-titled record, Danish dark, chaotic hardcore band ÉGLISE are back with a series of final releases, including their very last EP called “Burial”. The record was produced, mixed and mastered by Tobias of Angry Music Studios and astered by the amazing Brad of AUDIOSIEGE studio. It features additional vocals by Tobias of NO FEALTY and Christian of LLNN and PISS VORTEX (follow both bands on IDIOTEQ at this and this location) and is what intense, extreme hardcore should aspire to be: relentless, affecting, and immense. Listen below.

The band commented:

So yeah, we broke up and have gotten a lot of questions regarding this seemingly abrupt decision.. Truth is we didn’t really “feel it” anymore, and came to a mutual conclusion.. We’re all still friends..

We have some final material that we’ll release digitally, the coming days: A single, an old unreleased album – featuring a vastly different sound – and finally our concluding EP..

We’re still selling our remaining vinyls and merch for the time being. Eventually all remaining shirts will be donated to charity.

… and added:

History time!
We made Église back in 2011 and wrote an album the same year. This was recorded early 2012 and, due to multiple setbacks, was never released.. Eventually we felt that our sound had evolved too much, for this album to be representative of our band and the record was shelved – to be released when we were done as a band.. Which is now ICYMI..

Our line-up was quite different back then and Søren of The Day We Left Earth and Michael of Levn did drums and vocals on this album, respectively..

“Paths” was the first track we wrote, since we finalized our debut album, and was a staple in our live set.

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