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Buenos Aires screamo / emoviolence act DASIDEN release new bewildering EP “Sexta Etapa”

Argentinian band DASIDEN does not seem to be “post rockish” anymore. “Sexta Etapa”, their new EP is a gloomy, noise, sometimes overwhelmingly spastic sonic experience that is all about blackened emoviolent hardcore, and it’s an unprecedented chaotic journey that is as revealing as it is resonant. Listen below.

The band commented:

SIXTH STAGE: When we speak of mourning we refer, traditionally, to an inherent process of the human being that begins in front of any situation of loss. Without falling into an unnecessary academic narrative, I will argue that grief is nothing more than the result of the insertion of the human being into culture: without culture, there is no prohibition. Without prohibition, there is no desire. Without desire, there is no lack. Without fail, there is no need for mourning.

For this interdependence of being a cultural animal is that the phases in which the mourning is manifested are directly tied to the products of culture and to the malaise experienced by man only being able to exist as such in it: negation, anger, negotiation, depression / Pain and, finally, acceptance. These phases are not necessarily traversed linearly and, therefore, traversing one does not exclude the possibility of regressing towards an earlier phase. Not being able to walk through these phases can lead to a pathological grief, or a chronic depression.

We will then speak of the sixth stage as an abstract concept, a meta-phase that encompasses all previous phases. The essential characteristic of this species of ominous stage is the internal struggle of each human being with his own (dis) interest in being able to cross the duel, against his own death instinct and against the idea that to reach the acceptance many also implies detachment In a comfortably toxic (however distressing) way of life.

Being able to strengthen the resources deployed at this stage is what, in our humble opinion, can keep us moving through the insurmountable and intense process of dueling. After all, accepting does not mean forgetting and, as a consequence, not everything lost really is.

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